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  • Excellent. I think its wonderful how the single edge craze erupted recently in the threads. I'm away next week, so it will have to wait, but I have some really nice ideas. Ya know Ray, I live in the town where the gems were made. Hint, hint.
    I like the Gem idea. I have already started one on the lady Gillette. Actually I was going to do one on all the Gillette ladies razors in one big shot.
    Touche! Mmmm, its hard to say something new when the Master has already spoken. Let me think about this. Maybe a review of one of the less celebrated gems, the golden (NO ITS NOT BRASS) micromatic, the black handled superspeed, though asylumG has covered that territory pretty carefully. Let me think and look. Ray, as I was writing I came up with a great idea, the LADY GILLETTE, believe it or not, I have a very clean near complete set, missing the dark blue, have never used any of them, what do you think? I'm going to be out of town next week, but could post it some time thereafter with your blessing. Tell me what you think. Are we having fun yet?
    Joe, Glad to here you enjoyed the shave. I didn't think that "snaggle tooth" would be a problem. If it was bent out, then yes but this one you showed was bent in such a way that it would not bite if you know what I mean.
    Changing the blade a couple times a year, the effort is no biggie. Now if it took 5 hours I'd think about it.
    Cheers, Ray
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