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    Calling all Louisiana members

    Well...I haven't been here in a while (as you can tell) Guess I missed this one. But thanks @Davidkimberly for letting us know!
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    Who is Who - Our Emeritus Members

    Click my Avatar to start a conversation or learn more about me.
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    Calling all Louisiana members

    Will do! Nice to see you guys here!
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    Calling all Louisiana members

    It's been a while guys but I thought I would check in and see who else is still around!
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    Aqua Velva scent doesn’t last

    Look at it this you can use your favorite EdT, EdP, or Cologne!
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    Look what you've made me do now

    Sure...WE made you do it...:001_tongu
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    Period Space or Period Space Space

    Thanks Steve!
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    Welcome, @Markw525

    Glad you fnound this little corner of the internet. Find a conversation and jump on in. Welcome to B&B!
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    Welcome, @Chadjohneto

    Glad you found us here...there is a lot going pull up a chair and join a conversation!
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    Praise for The Sudsy Soapery

    Their soaps are definitely top notch. And their addition of tallow in their new Uplift improved upon a really good soap as it was. I own six of the soaps...but I likely won't buy anything more from them because of some marketing decisions they made. It's good stuff though!
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    New Lisa's Natural Soap Base

    I got my Smoked Black Tea and and a sample of Doc Holiday in the mail yesterday. I will try it later this week...but I am interested to hear what others have to say!
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    Small PIF

    A most generous PIF...way to give back. I will decline this one...but someone is in for a treat...that Declaration Grooming in the Icarus base is one great soap!
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    Welcome, @Liam Birch

    Glad to have you here Liam! Welcome to B&B!
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    Welcome, @Mathew

    Glad to have you here at B&B...jump in a conversation...a lot of really good stuff going on here.
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    Welcome, @brad2008

    Welcome Brad! Pull up a chair and join in a conversation. A lot of really good discussions going on here!
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