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  1. dabrock

    Is there a cheaper version of the King C Gillette blades?

    That's true, I have over 1200 blades right now lol. I think I should run through my supply a bit.
  2. dabrock

    Is there a cheaper version of the King C Gillette blades?

    I just saw these at Walmart and was curious, so I'll take a look at them. They are cheaper than the Wilkinson Swords, which are way overpriced but one of my favourites. I have tried pretty much all of the Gillette blades and was hoping that this might be the return of the spoilers. I still have...
  3. dabrock

    Have any gents backed mass-produced soaps after trying some artisan ones like me?

    I'm not sure what counts as vegan but if you want something without animal products a lot of the French soaps would qualify such as Pre de Provence, L'Occitaine en Provance, and I believe the RazoRock hard pucks as well.
  4. dabrock

    The Slickest Cream?

    Hands down it's Xpec followed by SMN in my experience, but they are rather pricey.
  5. dabrock

    What we really need in the cart world

    I recently picked up the Skin Guard and was quite impressed by it. I've used it a few times when in a hurry because it does a decent job with a single pass and a can of Barbasol.
  6. dabrock

    What we really need in the cart world

    Have you tried these? If so what do you think of them? I might try these for travel if they are a smooth shaver.
  7. dabrock

    looking for a good american made shaving soap that been around for a while.

    There aren't a lot of older products made in America but a lot of good artisan products are certainly available. If you want to try an old American brand then Col Conk might be worth a shot. It's a glycerin base so it's a bit different but it's a decent soap all in all.
  8. dabrock

    aveeno shave gel

    I think Aveeno is the best canned product I've tried, but it is rather expensive compared to most. I find the strong base used in most canned foams doesn't agree with my skin if I try to use it for too many days in a row, but Aveeno and Nivea were both gentle on my skin.
  9. dabrock

    New offering from Bic

    Is this available only online? I thought I saw this at a local Shopper's Drug Mart. I'll have to double check.
  10. dabrock

    Question: What is the oldest shaving soap still in production?

    Probably are stretching the definition of "original" since the main ingredients are the same. Do we have any judges to make a ruling on that? ;)
  11. dabrock

    Nive Men Sensitive Shaving Cream

    I always heard they were the same formula as Arko, is that incorrect?
  12. dabrock

    Nive Men Sensitive Shaving Cream

    The scent is subjective, I find it rather pleasant, but burning obviously isn't subjective so that's definitely out for you. On the bright side, Proraso is a good product and at a similar price point. I haven't tried Palmolive or LEA but I've heard they are decent budget creams as well. Don't...
  13. dabrock

    Barbasol Find-10 ounce can

    It's hidden inflation and a common move in pretty much any product. Instead of raising the price, they drop the quantity.
  14. dabrock

    Barbasol Find-10 ounce can

    It still seems that it would be a good deal even at that price. I don't use it a lot but every now and then I pull out my can of Sensitive and give it a whirl. It always provides a decent shave but I found that my skin just doesn't get along with it as a daily driver otherwise I would probably...
  15. dabrock

    Nive Men Sensitive Shaving Cream

    I think it's still available at Shopper's here. It's a great cream at a great price but the new Gillette cream is about as good so if Nivea is gone there is a suitable replacement around the same price point. The only thing I didn't like is that it tended to turn pink after a few months if you...
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