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Recent content by D.Irving79

  1. D.Irving79

    Anyone ever mess with one of these?

    yeah, its a blade stropper. im sure if your technique is good enough though you could probably shave with one :001_smile
  2. D.Irving79

    who makes a good OTR slim fit dress shirt?

    even non iron shirts need ironing i find.
  3. D.Irving79

    dry cleaning for tough spots?

    fels naptha. nothing is better. literally.
  4. D.Irving79

    I now have TAD: tie acquisition disorder

    woolite and water.
  5. D.Irving79

    Supposing I wanted to get into SEs... what'd be a good one to start with?

    the 1912/1912 junior (as has already been said) are the ones to start with.
  6. D.Irving79

    Which fabled products let you down?

    LB wilkinsons. very disappointing shave. ironically the german ones are my second best blade.
  7. D.Irving79

    british No70 set: nickel or rhodium plated?

    really? i always thought it was the rhodium that had that look.
  8. D.Irving79

    My Latest Razor Acquisition ~

    GEM = jewel EVER READY = streamline :001_smile
  9. D.Irving79

    Ever Ready Saftey Razor & Blade Hone

    the directions for the KK actually said to use shaving cream (or soap, dont remember) on the leather.
  10. D.Irving79

    Acquisitions for July 2010~

    NOT A FINGA! :lol:
  11. D.Irving79

    How many shaves from one Valet AutoStrop Blade? Let's find out.

    dont even bother grinding down the nubs, i tried it and a blade wont stay in place at all.
  12. D.Irving79

    appropriate attire?

    wear a suit/sport jacket at all times.
  13. D.Irving79

    Dig my new hat!

    i prefer the 8 panel but ymmv :001_smile