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    Selling a bicycle on Craigslist - Would you ever deal with someone that is not local?

    Gorgeous bike! That's certainly worth putting some effort into. For a serotta I would head over to http://forums.thepaceline.net/ - this forum used to be run be Serotta and has a lot of fans/owners of the brand. I'm sure you'd find a local buyer through them.
  2. CyclingFool

    Selling a bicycle on Craigslist - Would you ever deal with someone that is not local?

    Join one of the cycling forums and spend some time there, sell only to someone with an established posting history. But yeah, selling locally is always easiest. What bike is it? Bikeforums.net has an appraisal section for vintage bikes btw.
  3. CyclingFool

    Grating and mixing hard soaps?

    Nope. Sometimes I lather the hard soap onto the brush and add in some cream though (MWF and AOS sandalwood is a great combo).
  4. CyclingFool

    Art of Shaving - worth the premium

    The AOS Sandalwood cream is fantastic IMO, definitely worth a try.
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    Streaming Music

    Besides Pandora, and a long set of youtube playlists, I've recently added the TuneIn Radio App, it allows you to stream radio stations from all over the world.
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    Consensus on Mystic Waters

    Did not work for me. They were one of my earlier samples, so maybe I'll review them again at some point due to how wonderful the scents were. (FWIW I could lather MWF and pretty much anything else just fine at that point).
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    Featured Aftershave - Aqua Velva

    Just picked up my first bottle last week, my girlfriend really likes it, for me the scent is very faint. Definitely nice and cooling after some proraso :)
  8. CyclingFool

    Have any of you settled on one set of shaving products?

    One razor, two brushes (one boar and one horse when I forget to soak the board), one blade (personna reds), still have a dozen of soaps or so, I do like to mix those up, mostly use a single aftershave (since it's my girlfriend's favorite by far compared to my other 2).
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    Good Sandalwood Soap?

    I tried pretty much every major brand's sandalwood, AOS is the best IMO. To give the lather extra slickness, I use MWF with AOS cream, it's a fantastic combination, and the subtle smell of MWF even adds a slight wonderfulness to it all. I guess I'll be using that tomorrow morning :biggrin1:
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    That go to cream you tend to use.

    Never had a bad shave with proraso green, if I screw up my lather for some reason I always go back to it.
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    Went to Albuquerque today.

    I have to admit I still haven't been there, even though I go to Jubilation across the street to pick up Belgian beers every now and again.
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    obsolete items your kids will never recognize

    A life before texting, 24/7 online presence, (over)sharing of information on facebook, etc. Everybody is so plugged in nowadays...
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    Adult learning / education

    Thumbs up for Coursera, EdX, etc. I'm in IT and a lot of the courses are right up my alley. Generally speaking the quality of the courses if fantastic, and the interaction with fellow students online is very convenient. They're specific enough that the 8-10 weeks covers enough material for it to...
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    Best way to get that Sandalwood smell? Cream/soap/aftershave?

    Love Sandalwood, and haven't found anything I like as much as AOS. Unlike Zed, I prefer the "true" sandalwood vs. the cologne type sandalwood. Proraso was a bit disappointing, Razorock's Third Eye doesn't even remind me of Sandalwood that much (if at all), but is a really wonderful fresh...
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