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    How Long Have You Been Shaving With a Straight & How Long Does It Take You To Shave?

    About five months. Start to finish about 20 to 25 minutes.
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    Story behind your user name

    About 25 years ago, my first real full time job was in construction on a framing crew. As the new guy, my job was to cut, carry, and climb. In my youthful exuberance, I got in a hurry and wound up cutting through a power cord with a circular saw. The guys on the crew made fun of me by calling me...
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    My first attempt

    Congrats Phil! Glad you took the leap. :thumbup1:
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    The Great Pumpkin

    I have loved all the Peanuts specials since I was a kid, but my kids act like it's a punishment to have to sit and watch them.
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    A Bagpipers Story

    A new classic! Thanks for posting! :lol::thumbup::lol:
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    Winning Contests?

    I too am lucky to have such a loving wife. Why, just yesterday I came home from the road and she had gotten me a new shirt. I think she wanted to surprise me with it because I found it draped over the lamp on the nightstand in the bedroom. She must have been really nervous that I would like it...
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    Found the Fat

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    This is My 1000th Post

    Well done, Matt! :thumbup1:
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    DrBob Checking-In

    Welcome to B&B!
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    Old Spice

    Thank you and yes, 4 1/4 oz and 8 1/2 oz bottles both are after shave.
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    What are you doing for Halloween?

    We should all dress up and go trick or treating at Gentleman's Best. :biggrin:
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    Do I look like my avatar? Does a bear...No, actually, no. I look nothing like my avatar. It is, however, a feeble attempt at humor.
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    DE Shaving @#$*!

    Well said Shane! Roger, these are the "Sensei-like insights" of which you speak.
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    Found - Soligen Seven Day set

    Well done sir!
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