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  1. curtis909

    tabula rasa?

    I have tried quite a few creams such as SMN, Acqua Di Parma, Penhaligon's along with Trumpers and AOS over the years. Nothing so far has enhanced my shaves like Tabula Rasa. I tried the unscented first and now have bought the vetyver scented and wow what cream. Amazing to me that it took me...
  2. curtis909

    Hello from NC

  3. curtis909


    +1 Just about the coolest thought I have heard in awhile. Now that would be grand to awake to a cut throat laid upon my neck every morning by a master barber. :001_smile
  4. curtis909


    Guys trust me i am not advocating using a fusion or any of the multi bladed contraptions Gillette is making. I agree it is hard to beat a DE or Straight shave. The cost was not why I switched either it was just a combination of finding a more enjoyable way to scrape this barbwire jungle off my...
  5. curtis909


    I was wondering if all things considered and the new Gillette blades were the same price as a double edge blade would their still be a debate on which ones we enjoyed using. I from time to time use a fusion more so when i am traveling and for me at least i get a a shave as close as my Edwin...
  6. curtis909

    What is holding him up

    If I tried to shave to the sex pistols with a straight my head would wind up in a guillotine basket....:001_smile
  7. curtis909

    What is holding him up

    +1 I am not sure why I even started a thread maybe it was because I did not want to see this alone. :laugh:
  8. curtis909

    What is holding him up

    My exact thoughts when I watched it. I had to go back and see if i was awake when i viewed it the first time. :w00t:
  9. curtis909

    What is holding him up

    I promise if you watch this you will cringe......:wink2: Well at least he isn't feeling any pain.....:wink2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVIuyQFz0zo&feature=related
  10. curtis909

    What's your closest-shaving cream?

    Acqua Di Parma
  11. curtis909

    New female user...

    Welcome to you and your hubby...:001_smile
  12. curtis909

    New guy going DE to save face

    Enjoy a great group of guys.
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