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    Gillette Red tip vs Rockwell.

    Redtip seems to me to be about Rockwell 3, but not as smooth.
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    Best 3 DE razors of the last 5 years

    1. Karve CB 2. Rockwell 3. Game Changer My very favorite razor is the Timeless , but I wasn't sure if it met the "last five years" criterion.
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    Wild West Shaving Company

    I ordered some soap a couple of weeks ago, and the order still hasn’t been processed although my card was charged immediately. the number in the email to call doesn’t work. anyone know what’s up?
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    A Gun for Armadillo

    I have shot a bunch of them with a 22 and killed them. I have pulled them out of holes and warped them against a tree to kill them. Coon hound pups like to run them in holes and then bark at them until you break them from it. I won't contradict another man's experience, but I have never seen...
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    Best 3 DE razors of the last 5 years

    1. Timeless .95. It blows everything else I have ever used out of the water. 2. Game Changer. Incredible value,quality, and a variety of options to fine tune for personal preferences. 3. Karve. Lots of options, great value, solid performer.
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    Astra SP quality issues?

    A Bluetick breeder I admired very much lived in Dowling.
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    Timeless Ti Efficiency Question

    I loved the smooth shave and comfort of the Timeless Titanium SB, but wanted something slightly more efficient. Went with the Stainless SB and it is perfect.
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    Astra SP quality issues?

    Thanks. She has long since gone on, but I still have some of her blood in my kennel. I hunted one of them tonight. If you don't mind me asking, where were you raised?
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    Astra SP quality issues?

    I bought a box of Astra SP's off ebay, and they aren't as good. They also have no etchings on the blades. I think they might be counterfeits.
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    What is your EDC knife?

    I generally carry two. Aone hand opening modern locking folder, and a slipjoint. Usually the lock blade is a Spyderco Stretch , PM2, or my Benchmade 960. I rotate between a bunch of slippies, but old Schrade Walden trappers and stockmen are favorites.
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    Favorite carry method?

    A Ruger LCP 2 generally rides in my right front pocket in warm weather, and a jacket pocket during cool weather.
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    Help me choose a new Bay Rum

    I like Captain's Choice.
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    Favorite blade in a Timeless .95

    I used a Nacet in my Stainless .95 SB this morning for the first time,and got maybe the nicest shave since I have been using the razor, which is less than two weeks.
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    Favorite blade in a Timeless .95

    Personna Reds have been my favorite in the Timeless .95 SS so far. I have tried them,along with Perma Sharps and Silver Blues. The GSB is in last place so far,which surprises me.
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    Is anyone not happy with the Game Changer .84

    I find the GC .84 to be a little more efficient than the NEW LC. It also feels a little more aggressive, but not uncomfortably so.
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