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Recent content by Cohiba

  1. Cohiba

    What liquor surprised you for its price?

    Both of the Beam products are NON CHILL Goodness!!! But sadly were in limited supply.........:blue: Chill filtration is a give-and-take process, and it’s important to know what’s going on... Essentially, a soon-to-be-bottled whiskey is cooled to extremely low temperatures so that...
  2. Cohiba

    Next Scotch to buy?

    Just bought a bottle and can't wait to try this....
  3. Cohiba

    My Country Musice Heroes...Explained!!!

    I like REAL country music, heck I don't think I can name any new country music artist past 1995. I happened to come across these videos narrated...maybe produced by Mike Judge. Some stories I knew and some I chuckle at and realize it explains alot!!! Enjoy. Tales from the Tour Bus:
  4. Cohiba

    Viva El Tesoro Reposado!

    I LIKE El Tesoro......Blanco!!!
  5. Cohiba

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Song of Fire: Johnnie Walker Game of Thrones. For 20 bucks it could be a hit or miss??!! Hope for the best ... expect the worst.
  6. Cohiba

    Next Scotch to buy?

  7. Cohiba

    How do I make a perfect old fashioned?

    Just ....like....this: No Exceptions!!! ***Of course one of these with my drink.
  8. Cohiba

    Best oriental-spicy cologne in market

    Off the top of my head... I listed three but I could go ..on and on.........and on...............and on. Paul Sebastian........reminds me of Old Spice
  9. Cohiba

    Tudor Pelagos???

    Hey All... Tell me your opinion AND experience with Tudor. Really...specifically....the Tudor Pelagos. ***Not the Black Bay..nor others. Just the Pelagos. Thanks!!
  10. Cohiba

    Watch Ya Wearing

    New Hesalite Omega Speedy. ***If you're interested in one of the new but NOT the redesigned 2021, you better hurry and get one. I heard the "original" are discontinued and that's the reason real/AD-Authorized Dealers and "grey/2nd/secondary dealers" are going up in price and telling you that...
  11. Cohiba

    Got a new favorite lavender - what's yours?

    I like this:
  12. Cohiba

    Watch Ya Wearing

    soon to be one of these to add to the collection. Question is ....which one??? Hesalite? Or Exibition caseback??
  13. Cohiba

    Brrr. How cold is it where you are?

    6 degrees F here in Central Oklahoma
  14. Cohiba

    Unusual garments and accessories

    Yes they're fake, replicas and an imitation of the company name and logo....this I know. I gave a few of these out as "platonic" Valentine's Day gifts to some of my female friends. They know they're fake but loved the gesture and enjoy them. **To the original poster: AimlessWanderer ....I'd...
  15. Cohiba

    Omega Speedmaster...Hesalite

    Hey All... Hello from freezing cold and soon to be snow covered Oklahoma!!! My questions are as follows: Omega Speedmaster with the hesalite crystal. A new one... but not the TOTALLY REDESIGNED NEW MODEL 2021. Any thoughts on this model? Any problems with the plastic/hesalite crystal...
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