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  1. cnichol3

    Alum Block vs Styptic Pencil

    I have never used an alum block but have used the pencil from time to time. IMO a perfect shave requires neither.
  2. cnichol3

    Whats the purpose of buying MULTIPLE DE razors?

    Wow this is the best reply in history..
  3. cnichol3

    Plastic blade keepers

    I know most manufacturers have blades in plastic keepers but only if you buy small batches. I buy my blades by 100 because it saves so much coin. Just curious if i could find them somewhere.
  4. cnichol3

    Plastic blade keepers

    Not sure where to post this, been a while since Ive visited. Im looking for the plastic blade keepers. The blades I buy all come in paper boxes but I like to keep them in the plastic keepers. Anywhere I can find these?
  5. cnichol3

    Whats the purpose of buying MULTIPLE DE razors?

    Ive been using DE razors for a little over 2 years. I have 5 razors. My first razor was a EJ DE89 which I purchased to learn with after much advice. I have 3 vintage Gillettes. '44 tech, '54 SS, and '64 slim. I got the tech because I liked the way it looked, the SS because it was my first TTO...
  6. cnichol3

    Can someone help with my lather please?

    Firstly the lather doesnt need to be super thick on your face. There needs to be just enough to let the blade glide across your face. I wouldnt be concerned with how it looked as long as it performs the way you like.
  7. cnichol3

    Soaps vs Creams, what you prefer?

    Creams are certainly easier to lather than soaps, relatively speaking. I primarily use Proraso tub soaps. Easy to load and face lather. I will use creams and hard soaps occasionally but the best thing to do is find something you like and learn to use it. Experiment with a certain hard soap and...
  8. cnichol3

    Another noob, but with a question that I can't find an answer for.

    I would try the Proraso as previously posted. It was my first soap and I still use it 4-5 times a week after 6 months of wet shaving. You can get the tub of proraso soft soap or tube of cream on sale for 6.99 from Italian Barber now. I think its the best bang for your buck as still have hardly...
  9. cnichol3

    What razor/blade did you use today

    1944 gillette tech with Astra sp.
  10. cnichol3

    Recommend me an OC

    I love the look but the tag is a little high. I had a hard time spending 120 for a NOS Slim.
  11. cnichol3

    Recommend me an OC

    Doesnt make much difference honestly. I have had a hard time finding vintage gillette, such as the NEW, that are in very good condition. As for modern, I like the design of the Merkur 1904.
  12. cnichol3

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Pinaud Clubman
  13. cnichol3

    Recommend me an OC

    Im looking for a good OC razor. I currently have a DE89 and 3 vintage gillettes - tech, SS, and slim. Ive heard good things about OC razors and am looking to try one out for the first time.
  14. cnichol3

    After the shave

    No I'm certainly not looking for advice on how I should do it. I'm barely good enough at it to try sober. Haha
  15. cnichol3

    After the shave

    The night of. And not hammered, that's too far. Just tipsy so to speak. Wondering if anyone has tried it.