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  1. cmccorm286

    My Dad just had another stroke

    Mike I will be praying for y'all. God bless both of you!!
  2. cmccorm286

    Feather blades and EJ DE89L

    They are the only blade I have used. Figured why not start that way and force myself to get the technique correct. I used this combination this morning. Great shave as usual. The DE89L was my 1st DE and I love it.:001_smile Keep at it...the rewards of this combination are great
  3. cmccorm286

    Add to this list of underrated and unappreciated things

    Prayers before a meal Family sitting down to a meal together (without the TV on) Prayers before bed not having an urge to run to the phone every time it rings (if it's important....guess what? They'll call back!! Camping with the kids in the back yard Good manners Opinions that are well...
  4. cmccorm286

    He shaves with a what?

    Welcome. Wonderful first post!! I look forward to hearing about your experience :001_smile
  5. cmccorm286

    Why I decided to dump my DE's.

    Yohann As someone who benefited from your personal journey and has now two very very fine DEs to show for it....I must again express my thanks!!!! Everyone is a winner from your story!! Thanks again my friend
  6. cmccorm286

    Any Famous Relatives?

    My wife's great uncle is George Jones....although I didn't know it until I went to her grandmother's home and saw a framed album up in her living room. I asked about it and Mrs. Jones (George's sister-in-law) told me about it. Funny how after 8 years I haven't met him yet....but the other...
  7. cmccorm286

    Your favorite adjustable?

    I picked up a Mergress from Yohann a couple of weeks ago. Let me just say that Mer is a work of art!!! It has quickly become my favorite adjustable. Smooth as can be!! :001_tt1:
  8. cmccorm286

    Moving to Texas....any advice?....

    Matt This may help put fix'n in context.... Paul I was fix'n to correct his use of fix'n....but you beat me to it as I was fix'n to reply.
  9. cmccorm286

    Contest # 867-5309: ClassicShaving-Hart Steel Raffle/Quiz Contest

    1. What do the initials on the tang of the Hart Steel razor signify? The initials of the craftsman on the tang are the maker's personalized mark to indicate his craftsmanship. 2. From start to finish, how many craftsmen at Hart Steel does it take to make one razor? one 3. What is each...
  10. cmccorm286

    Shiner Holiday Cheer

    "probably" your favorite dark beer ptx? Come on now....we may have to banish you somewhere like Arkansas or Oklahoma if you keep talking that blasphemy :001_tongu
  11. cmccorm286

    And now for something completely nonpolitcal--plasma vs. LCD?

    I've had both Plasma and now LED (which is really LCD with an LED light source). The Samsung plasma went out on us after just short of 2 years. I noticed a great deal of heat emitted by our plasma. The electric bills ran higher as well. We replaced the plasma with the new Samsung LED. With...
  12. cmccorm286

    Red Tip Overrated?

    Beav if you decide to....I'm here with open arms. I picked up my horrid red tip from someone here. The reds are so awful that I have become a horrid red tip collector....so send them my way :tongue:
  13. cmccorm286

    OCD in the BST?

    Hi, My name is Chris......and....well yeah...I have RAD. And I uh well I refresh the BST on B&B several times an hour........is there help for me? Ok I feel so much better now :biggrin:
  14. cmccorm286

    I made it!

    Y'all are making me homesick and hungry!!!