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  1. CJB3

    What’s the biggest knot you have on your shave brush?

    Simpson Chubby 2 Super. That size is the upper bound of what’s acceptable to me.
  2. CJB3

    Pinaud clubman Special reserve, your thoughts?

    It is strong. It lasts. It is good. It has a leathery and earthy smell. Very old school.
  3. CJB3

    Wolfman Wednesday

    WR2 SB 1.25 loaded with a Perma-Sharp:
  4. CJB3

    PLANET KIND by Gillette

    How does this compare to the Gillette Pure cream? I thought that stuff was OK but not great.
  5. CJB3

    Simpsons Duke 3 best badger.??

    The Duke 3 Best is a fantastic brush. It may be my favorite among my stable of brushes.
  6. CJB3

    Simpsons Major thoughts

    +1 on this. Every Simpson I have tried has been relatively dense. It’s one of the qualities Simpson is known for.
  7. CJB3

    Simpsons Major thoughts

    I bought a Duke 1 for travel, which also fits in the small travel tube.
  8. CJB3

    Gillette Silver Blue

    They are great blades. The glue spots drive me crazy, though.
  9. CJB3

    Parler is Back

    With some help from a Russian company apparently.
  10. CJB3

    What is your favorite fougere soap?

    Grooming Dept’s L’AVVENTURA is also a nice take on a fougere.
  11. CJB3

    Wolfman Wednesday

    Wolfman WR2 1.25 SB loaded with a Gillette Platinum:
  12. CJB3

    Which Soap Makers Consistently Put Out the Best Scents

    Declaration Grooming
  13. CJB3

    What is your favorite fougere soap?

  14. CJB3

    What is your “must try” aftershave?

    I know I already answered, but I’ll also give a shout out to Truefitt & Hill balms—especially 1805. Fantastic fragrances and my skin feels so incredibly moisturized after using them.
  15. CJB3

    What is your “must try” aftershave?

    I could be happy wearing only Pinaud Clubman. I love that stuff. I can’t believe the stuff is so cheap. It’s the fragrance that I love.
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