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  1. Cino

    Timeless Crown Titanium Handle

    The scalloped cap is only cosmetic as far as I can tell. I have both caps and don't really feel a difference.
  2. Cino

    Timeless recommendation request

    If you don't get it you won't be invited to any of the cool kids' parties.
  3. Cino

    A Timeless and Karve vote

    They are both excellent razors but Timeless wins on availability and variety. Also, Timeless offers Ti. Me loves me Ti :thumbup:. You can't go wrong with either though.
  4. Cino

    Timeless recommendation request

    .68 is smooth and easy. .95 is medium aggressive and provides a closer shave while still being smooth for the efficiency you are getting. The Slim is by far my favorite. It shaves the closest of the three and provides some nice blade feel without being too tricky. It's still very smooth if...
  5. Cino

    Timeless Crown Titanium Handle

    Threading is standard. You shouldn't have a problem with most razors.
  6. Cino

    The Vector is Blacklands best razor.

    I can't imagine the Vector being lighter than the current SS. The Ti version must be lighter than the blade.
  7. Cino

    How do you use an adjustable?

    After reading the replies here I fired up my Rex. I shaved mostly on 4, did some touch ups on 5, but smoothed out my chin line on 2. So I guess "none of the above" applied to this shave but it worked quite well. The Rex was smoother than I remembered.
  8. Cino

    Pearl Flexi v2 brass cnc milled adjustable razor is out!

    Just had a BBS with the Rex mostly on 4 with 5 for touching up. Contrary to the haters it was quite smooth. Not sure I'll get the Pearl but I'm keeping my eye on this thread. :001_302:
  9. Cino

    Pearl Flexi v2 brass cnc milled adjustable razor is out!

    The photos look like stainless. Is this plated?
  10. Cino

    Safety razor for Artist Club blades. Preferably open comb

    What do you think of the OC? Have you compared it with the SB?
  11. Cino

    Timeless Crown Titanium Handle

    Not looking good for the GRUME. :sad:
  12. Cino

    Timeless Slim Ti

    I haven't noticed any drag but, as I said, I favor a very light touch. I'll try to get a few razors together for a photo so you can see the difference in profile.
  13. Cino

    February 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

    Razor - Paradigm AC Ti Brush - Simpson Chubby 2 Manchurian Soap - Stirling Satsuma AS - Stirling Satsuma Balm - Nivea Sensitive This was like shaving on a ski slope in Florida.
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