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    Which shaving soaps are available as refills ?

    Just to add to the info above, Mike’s Natural also sells refill pucks. He doesn’t always have all scents in stock on his website but New England Shaving carries a few varieties as well.
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    Specific requirements for an adjustable safety razor

    If you’re open to multi-plate style adjustables, there’s the Karve aluminum
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    Shave soaps in recyclable containers

    Dr. Jon’s and Wet Shaving Products (WSP) both come in tins. Haslinger, already mentioned, has minimal packaging. Some producers, like Mike’s and Stirling, will let you purchase refill pucks, though it should be said that those refills often come in plastic film. Stirling says they use a...
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    Haaslinger Schafmilch NEW FORMULA - no tallow no problem

    I’ve just come back from Pasteur’s Pharmacy in Manhattan and picked up a puck of the Shafmilch with the vegetal 2.0 (coconut) base. Here’s a pic of the ingredients. As you can see, no tallow or palm kernalate: Interestingly, Pasteur’s had many pucks of the old tallow-based formula for the...
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