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  1. Christoph

    How much current stock of blades/soap/cream do you have?

    Hundreds of blades... only 3 or 4 brands. Lots of soap and about three containers of cream
  2. Christoph

    When/Why did Moustaches become creepy?

    When did they become creepy? ARE they creepy? I don't know. Probably its just because we tend to notice bad facial hair and forget good facial hair. If a guy turned out to be a really bad person, we remember his facial hair if he had any. And we forget it on a good guy. It really makes no...
  3. Christoph

    Preshave and Face Lathering

    I promise not to get started on one of my rants about Pre-Shave Oil. But it works for some and not for others. I see it as totally optional and up t the individual. But I guess that could be said about a lot of the stuff we talk about here. But anyone who wants to use a Pre-shave oil just...
  4. Christoph

    Best fragrance for a manly man?

    Want to smell like a man? Here are my suggestions... Aqua Velva -- totally traditional, barber shop kind of smell. Worn by your dad, war vets, athletes, you name it. Its simply awesome. Drawback -- it doesn't last on you (or at least, it doesn't last that long on ME) I wonder if guys...
  5. Christoph

    are high end talcs worth it?

    There used to be Brut talc, English Leather Talc, and there probably was Old Spice Talc (although I don't recall it). Maybe the reason these scent makers don't do talc anymore is because the of fears about the product.
  6. Christoph

    are high end talcs worth it?

    No. They are NOT worth it. Not in the least. I would get your standard Johnson & Johnsons but the scented kind, like Lavender. I would guess that it outperforms high end stuff. High end products such as the talc and deodorant of a major fragrance are often cheaper in quality than we would...
  7. Christoph

    Will the real "Old Spice" please stand up

    I would never be able to tell the difference between the different versions as I have no recollection of the 'oroginal'. I do like the present formulation. Its not my first pick but I do sometimes buy it. Its nice in the fresh spring air or in the autumn, I find. Its not a clean enough scent...
  8. Christoph

    Shaving Oil

    Back when I used EVOO as a preshave oil I never experienced anything like that at all. I think its a non issue because you have such a think layer of the oil and its worked in, and then on top your think lather.
  9. Christoph

    What are some less expensive fragrances that you can no longer find and would love to have again?

    I love Crabtree & Evelyn. I can't find them too often these days. They would be low to mid priced in my view
  10. Christoph

    Shaving Oil

    Couldn't agree more. If it works for you, go with it. And this advice applies to many things with shaving. I would also challenge the OP to try using plain old Extra Virgin Olive Oil in place of any pre-shave oil or shaving oil that he may be purchasing. It will likely work just as well if...
  11. Christoph

    What's your casual scent?

    I have really liked wearing Brut a lot in recent years. Its soft but really masculine. Its not intense and very easy going. You can wear i to a ballgame or to work, church, or anything
  12. Christoph

    What are some less expensive fragrances that you can no longer find and would love to have again?

    My picks -- Ralph Lauren CHAPS and Ralph Lauren CHAPS MUSK Both were very nice, more affordable RL products. Very distinctive and manly scents with loads of character. Yardley English Blazer I loved this stuff. Haven't seen it in decades! Aspen I got some of this as a gift one Christmas...