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  1. ChinMusic

    First Straight Shave Tomorrow

    After taking a few weeks off I've sent it back to be re-honed. I will be careful to observe the sharpness upon its return. I believe I had poor a stropping technique the first time and knocked off the edge. I tried to restrop and nothing improved.
  2. ChinMusic

    Wow, just had my first straight razor shave.I'm hooked.

    I got a straight a couple weeks ago and am about to give up.
  3. ChinMusic

    First Straight Shave Tomorrow

    Day 3: Just did the right cheek and gave up. Looks like it is eBay time.............sigh
  4. ChinMusic

    First Straight Shave Tomorrow

    Since I am new, I have no idea what it is suppose to feel like. Right now I would rate it as a DE shave with a blade that should have been thrown away weeks ago. Is that from technique? Is that from blade? I have no idea.
  5. ChinMusic

    First Straight Shave Tomorrow

    Day 2: After reviewing hand positions and blade angles I gave it another whirl. My previous angles were probably too steep and not too shallow. I did my right cheek with the straight and my left cheek with the DE with just a WTG pass. It wasn't even close. While the DE side was as smooth and...
  6. ChinMusic

    First Straight Shave Tomorrow

    Well that was a total disappointment. I was expecting it to be difficult. I wasn't expecting it to be totally worthless. I find my DE shaves to be very smooth, requiring very light pressure. I found the straight to not even want to go through a single-day of growth without effort, and when...
  7. ChinMusic

    First Straight Shave Tomorrow

    I feel like I have done my homework and will give it a try in the morning. I fully expect it to feel like throwing a baseball with my left hand (RHP). I know going in that it will take time for muscle memory to kick in. I got a Dovo Forestal from thesuperiorshave and a Walking Horse strop...
  8. ChinMusic

    What's the significance of your avatar on B&B?

    This is how I looked after thru-hiking the 2185.9-mile Appalachian Trail this year. The glorious beard is sadly gone. I had to assimilate back into proper society.......
  9. ChinMusic

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    You are the only other person on BB to mention this product. I started a thread on it and got zero responses.
  10. ChinMusic

    Roughing it

    As we said on the trial, "There is a very fine line between a thru-hiker and the homeless. We have better legs". I was offered cash several times, "to get a good meal". These well-meaning folks had no idea that I was not short of cash.
  11. ChinMusic

    Roughing it

    About 60 nights total. I'm only human.......... If I hit a town at the end of the day, heck yeah, big meal, hotel, warm bed.
  12. ChinMusic

    Roughing it

    I just finished thru-hiking the 2185.9-mile Appalachian Trail a couple months ago. It took me a bit over 6 months and through all kinds of weather. Do I win? :biggrin1:
  13. ChinMusic

    How long after starting DE, to consider straights?

    I started DE shaving a month ago and things have gone pretty well. I still get some razor burn in a couple areas which tells me I need to adjust my technique in these areas. I'm getting there. I'm considering a straight but am wondering what my timing should be and what type of razor I start...
  14. ChinMusic

    What car did you have + wish you still had + why ?

    1990 BMW 750 iL I had to have one 12-cylinder in my lifetime.
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