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from latin: barba non facit philosphum

meaning: a beard doesn't make one a philosopher

should this be the motto of B&B? pm the mod team if you think it should!

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'live and let shave' - there are many ways to wetshave what works for you is the right way!

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note to newbs - take your time when wetshaving - lather up well and make sure you use no pressure at all. cartridge/electric shaving teaches us many bad habits we must unlearn. take your time and be prepared to take 2-3 passes to get your face smooth, if you try to do it in one go you'll rip yourself up and be very sore afterwards.

most importantly, take your time, there is no need to rush, only bad things happen quickly!

if you have a bad shave try to figure out why then try something a little different next time.

the best advice I can give you (I wish someone had told me this when I first immersed myself in wetshaving) is to take your time buying shaving gear. it is easy to get caught up in the 'oooh gotta have that one' mindset - I speak from experience

welcome to B&B!

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there is much drama in the world of SE + DE wetshaving - frequent use of words like beast, bloodletting, artery-severing, widow-maker, throat-cutting, hacking, butchering etc - none of these highly vivid terms really deserves any place in our vocabulary.

IF you make a sound lather, AND you take your time when shaving, AND you don't use any pressure, AND you don't try to get all the whiskers off in one go instead doing so in 2-3 passes, AND you concentrate on technique/angle, you WILL have a good/great shave experience. none of these things are extraordinary measures when you consider you are sliding a sharp blade over your face.

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the measure of a good lather is in the shave, not in the lathers appearance per se

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does shaving irritate your neck? how many passes are you doing on your neck? I never do more than two and if it's not smooth by then, bad luck, it is still a SAS.

excess razor burn is either:
*too much pressure - need to unlearn the bad habits picked up from cartridge shaving - a very light touch is needed (even a little pressure can be too much)
*incorrect blade angle - handle of the razor should be pushed out from your face/neck, if it is parallel to your face then you are scraping not shaving
*too dry or not enough lather - the razor needs a moist cushiony medium so it can slide over your face, if it does not then it will scrape/irritate your skin and tug on your whiskers
*too many passes - I do 3pass max on on the face, 2pass max on the neck as it is too sensitive for any more. often the neck will get just one WTG pass, it still looks fine but not super smooth to the touch but only I or SWMBO can tell that, to everyone else it is still a SAS.
*wrong blade - feathers and my neck don't get along for more than 1pass, try a different blade. I love Derby's but many here do not, they are mild and may work for you.

wetshaving is a journey, keep trying different things. I'm not a fan of Sharks or Feathers but I love Derbys and Astra SPs. most burn problems are due to using too much pressure and wrong angle. ungrit your teeth, relax, and then shave slowly and deliberately, take your time and you will use less pressure.

if you have all of these sorted then... the razor you're using may be the issue - if you're going to buy a new razor because you suspect it irritates your face/neck make sure you have eliminated all other possible aspects of your shave first as you don't want to waste money. if however you want to expand your collection then by all means go shopping! good luck!

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I love it when I've had a great shave in the morning, it really gets the day off to a good start - much the same way as a bad shave really ruins it

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Do you know why they are called Feather blades?

Because your touch needs to be 'as light as a feather' or you'll get nicks, weepers, rash, burn and mighty upset!

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aggressive razors, aggressive blades - the most aggressive thing about wetshaving is the dude holding the razor!

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