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    How many pairs of shoes (casual and dress) should a man have?

    I think they need to provide clarification on the terms mean, median and mode.
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    Alpine skiing?

    I got out once this season for about 20 minutes: long enough to realize that it was a really bad idea, considering the torn ligament in my ankle. Surgery's scheduled for early May, and I should be ready for snow by the start of next season.
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    What was playing during your last shave?

    RIP, Chick.
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    Alpine skiing?

    Last season there was a big snow whale on the steepest part of the small hill I patrol at, and the backside of it was right at 45 degrees for about 20 vertical feet (I measured it). I got my edges razor sharp and hit that thing a few dozen times, and man, it seemed like I was going over a cliff...
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    Alpine skiing?

    Tuckerman Ravine? That's on my bucket list; I doubt I'll have the stones to go off the headwall but I'd love to make the trip.
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    Unique Way to Lather

    Another reason I want to visit South Korea.
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    Aftershaves that the oils separate?

    The artisinal shtick might have them source it from a hillbilly. Who knows, they might get publicity fron appearing on an episode of Moonshiners.
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    Favorite female singers

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    Favorite female singers

    Every version I'd ever heard before was done as an upbeat happy thing like the original. Not Jane.
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    Favorite female singers

    Roger that! My gosh, her voice was like a luscious hot fudge sundae.
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    Favorite female singers

    I've seen many good submissions so far. I'd like to mention two incredibly underrated singers: Bettye Lavette and Jane Monheit. I've seen both live, and was totally floored by them. Bettye LaVette: anyone who can mesmerize Barbara Streisand, Pete Townsend and Roger Daltry is worth paying...
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    What was your first concert?

    I was at the Gusman Hall show that was part of Buffet's "You Had To Be There" live album. When I bought the album it turned out to be well named because the show was much better than the album lets on. I'm pretty sure that was before the term "Parrothead" was coined, at least I never heard it...
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    What was your first concert?

    I saw ILC in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida about that time, and they sounded great. Killer show at a small venue, front row. They kicked ***. The Stones? Meh...
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    Friday oysters

    When I was a kid my dad and I would go out on Biscayne Bay and spend the day crabbing and gathering oysters from the mangrove roots. Good times... fresh limes and Tabasco... my record is about six dozen in a single sitting. I shot my share of nice fat mangrove snapper too.
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