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    Featured Aftershave - Pinaud Clubman

    I was surprised too... But i read, that there is a difference in the scent...the Country Club should smell more "powdery" than the "regular" Clubman. I've ordered the big Country Club bottle today, so i am very curious to see if there are big differences. The first thing i will do, to fill...
  2. ChiefShaver

    Featured Aftershave - Pinaud Clubman

    Sorry for that maybe stupid question... Is there a difference (scentwise) between the Clubman Country Club Aftershave and the "regular" Pinaud Clubman Aftershave? I think of buying the Country Club, but if the scents are similar or at least identical, it would not make any sense. Maybe someone...
  3. ChiefShaver

    Soap Commander scent

    Sad, that Maggard's don't sell samples from Soap Commander... I would order the soap there due to the very good shipping rates to Germany...
  4. ChiefShaver

    Soap Commander scent

    Thank you. Honor is definetly on my list too, but my Mike's Barbershop will arrive the next days. Are these scents in the same range? Honor and Mike's Barbershop?
  5. ChiefShaver

    Soap Commander scent

    I'm thinking to buy my very first Soap Commander Shaving Soap. As what i've read yet, the soap seems to be very very good. The Fortitude scent cought my interest. Tobacco, Hay, Rum...what do i have to expect? Somewhat "powdery" like Tabac? The soap is on the harder side right? Not as soft...
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    New Pipe - What is Next?

    I bought a new one today...i will post pics of it when i received it. It's a Poker from Italy... Sent with my BlackBerry Passport
  7. ChiefShaver

    Gem Damaskeene Comparison

    Maybe i´m stupid or i havn´t read right here, but i own a Ever Ready 1912...isn´t the GEM Damaskeene the exact same Razor? Or would it be worth buying it?
  8. ChiefShaver

    GEM Micromatic -Good Shaver & Questions

    Hey Guys, yesterday i received a GEM Micromatic Flying Wing / Bullet Tip. Tomorrow will be my first shave with it. Of what i heared and read it seems to be a very gentle but thoroughly razor. Similar to my Ever Ready 1912 i think. Now i have a question...i´m playing with the thought of buying...
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    Shave video

    Great Video. Very good to look at. The first straight you've used was a Wade & Butcher?
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    What Are You Reading?

    I started reading: Al Capone - An American Mythos Great book. Very interesting to read.
  11. ChiefShaver

    What are you listening to?

    Stunning Album...I love Pearl Jam...[emoji173] [emoji173] [emoji173]
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    Outside of the USA: Which country generally makes the best soaps?

    Hasn't arrived today. So it will arrive tomorrow. The scent sounds wonderful. I love the scent of the TooBs Sandalwood. Is the scent nearly identical?
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    Arabian oud (floral essence)

    Please PM to me. Please ignore. PM has already been sent.
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    Clubman Pinaud Special Reserve

    After the first splash on my skin it has immediately become one of my most beloved scents. I love it. Nearly more than the regular Clubman...
  15. ChiefShaver

    What Brown leaf 'good stuff' are you waiting on to be delivered?

    2 soaps from Henri et Victoria
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