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    What is the purpose of a Slant Head?

    I've used a 102 in rotation with other razors for a few years. For me, it's quite efficient but not aggressive. It may even work a little faster than other razors with the same (subjective) aggressiveness. The only downside has nothing to do with the slant: The head is big. So getting into tight...
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    Cella Rapid Shaving Cream

    I've used the Cella Rapida with and without a brush now. Oddly, I seem to get a closer shave with a brush, but I can't tell the difference while I'm shaving or right afterwards--just later in the day. I probably need to refine my brushless technique. With a brush it seems that the knot should be...
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    Cella Rapid Shaving Cream

    This one is really different. Virtually no fragrance (ok by me). The slickest cream or soap I've ever used, and the slickness lasts. Meant to be used without a brush. In fact, a brush just absorbs the cream and makes it harder to apply. So just squeeze out the usual almond-size dollop, or less...
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    Shave Cream dilemma

    Not Crema de Barba — Crema da Barba. Sorry
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    Simpsons 2016 Manchurian batch - schritch experinces

    My only Manchurian is a Simfix with a 20mm dia knot. Incredible value at the time at about $110 delivered. For me the combination of backbone, heat retention, soap and moisture absorbency, and softness are about perfect. But, as Rudy says, this is completely a matter of taste. BTW, I don’t...
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    What's your relaxing and (still) efficient DE razor?

    Pre-War Tech, but 1970 Tech and RFB Tech also work great. iKon 102 Slant is very smooth, but the head is a bit big. On the higher end, at least as smooth are my Tatara Masamune SB and my ATT S1 SB slant. Each of these guys has a OC baseplate too, and they’re a bit more efficient but not so...
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    Shave Cream dilemma

    Cella Crema de Barba Rapida is amazing of its type. Comes in a 150g tube. Easy to squeeze out the right amount. No brush needed. Just rub it on. A brush can be used, though, if you prefer. It’s the slickest substance known to man or woman. Virtually no fragrance, maybe slightly floral-soapy. As...
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    Balm recommendations

    Pre de Provence, either scent.
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    Participation PIF - ELIOS Inoxidable Blades

    I’m in. Thanks. PM to come.
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    New stainless DE recommendation?

    Both S1 and S2 are excellent. I prefer the S1, which is somewhat milder. It's also very, very smooth.
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    Morris & Forndran Group Buy Discussion Thread

    I'm lucky enough to have participated in this group buy. Ken did us all a real service! Happy New year to all.
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    PIF: The Eight Soaps of Hanukkah - 2019

    Beautiful day here in DC (weather-wise). I’m in! Thanks!!
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    PIF: The Eight Soaps of Hanukkah - 2019

    I'm in for this one too. Thanks again!
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    New Year Sale Starts Now!

    Nice sale! This is picky, but are the thresholds figured before or after discount? For example, if I order products listed for $160, do I get 15% or 20% discount? I'm ordering for >$150 but my price after discount is <$150--$136 at 15% or $128 at 20%. It gets more complicated if I order...