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  1. CED

    RazoRock ECO First Look

    RR should offer a "buy-back" for this (ECO) dangerous monstrosity.......put mine away in the back of a drawer ..... don't want anyone going near it !!
  2. CED

    Inexpensive OC

    I'm unfamiliar with the Pearl OC, but the RR Old type is now my daily shaver. This is the 1st OC I've ever used and I'm amazed at the comfort and efficiency of it. Get the whole thing (at under $15) and a 316L SS handle comes with it !I'm truly blown away by this inexpensive, but great shaver.
  3. CED

    1st use of a Feather Blade .....

    I usually only try for three with any blade, and most are two passes and touch-ups.
  4. CED

    1st use of a Feather Blade .....

    ​No problem
  5. CED

    1st use of a Feather Blade .....

    Tried my first Feather today, and tho it provided a nice smooth shave , it was really no better than my favorite(s) Bolzano, Suplex or Personna Meds. Used it in my Muhle R89 ..... doubt I will be replacing any of the others in my rotation.
  6. CED

    Proraso pre/post shave ......

    What is the correct way to use and apply pre shave ?
  7. CED

    What Aftershave did you use today?

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