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    thoughts on "sprezzatura"?

    Examples I’ve seen on the internet have appeared idiotic - but I don’t iron my shirts, so at least I have a rationalization now.
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    Need Bicycle Model Suggestions

    For something different, take a look at the Moulton SST. It has 20” wheels, but uses a standard road drivetrain, is a skinny tire road bike, but can easily be modified for upright handlebars. It is very versatile and can be separated into two halves to fit into a trunk. It does have front...
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    1916 Illinois Autocrat Pocketwatch

    That is a beautiful watch. For servicing, I can recommend Father Time antiques in Chicago. They are very knowledgeable about pocket watches -check out their website. However, unless you plan on actually using it, it may not be worth it to have it cleaned and oiled.
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    Tell me about the allure of Damascus

    I have a Zowada and also two Thiers Issard Damascus razors (5/8" and the new 6/8") as well as several non-Damascus razors. My experience has been that there is a difference. A finely honed razor of either type can achieve equally fine results, but the Damascus razors have a very fine...
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    automatic watches - OK to let them 'run out of juice'

    It's OK to let them run down, but to keep the lubricants from drying you should at least partially wind the watch every two weeks so that it runs a little. Watchwinders are a convenience, but offer no advantage apart from not having to reset the time. Of course, for something like a perpetual...
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    Pick my next Scotch

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    Filson Luggage owners, can you help me?

    I have over 300,000 miles of ground travel on my Pullman and nothing on it seems significantly worn. It is tan and does have dirt smudges on it, nothing remarkable. I also have an extra large wheeled duffle from them and love it for camping - I leave it outside of the tent and don't have to...
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    "Ring around the collar"

    I meant "with soap"
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    "Ring around the collar"

    The other half of the picture, of course, is washing your neck with so every day.
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    "Ring around the collar"

    If you run water over the collar to get it all wet and then rub iwhatever detergent you are using into the stained areas before you throw the shirt into the washer you will find it will make the ring disappear.
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    Bike for long distance cycling, touring.

    A used Schwinn Voyageur (one of the lugged chromoly steel ones made when the Schwinn family still owned the company) can often be found on ebay. These are true touring bikes, designed to have racks and panniers. They would come with simpler, more rugged components than what would usually be...
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    Saphir Shoe Products

    Their products are the best and a good value, considering. It is not so much about the shine as it is what their products do for the leather. The leather seems refreshed every time I shine the shoes and cracks and other blemishes seem to disappear and the leather seems softer. For quality...
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    Backpacking Tent Reccomendations

    Stephenson Warmlite is the ultimate, a four season tent that weighs just a little over three pounds, handmade to order.
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    first fountain pen advise please

    The test was in a magazine a few years ago, probably Pen World, but I don't remember which year it was.
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    first fountain pen advise please

    I have had several fine FP's and have a firm recommendation as to where to go next: go on eBay and buy a NOS Parker 75 (from the 1960's) with a medium nib. You will have a FP that rivals the quality of pens in the $300 to $1000 range (which is about what the 75 should go for if it were in...