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    Photo of the Day

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    Show Us Your BICYCLE(S)!!!!

    Still amazed at just how I can put the little folder through equally as much as any other bike I've had!
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    Let's see your bird pictures!

    I think to get this 1, I had about 40 or 50 blurred and tree branch shots to sift through :tongue_sm
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    The Next Phase of Poor Customer Service

    Where I normally go, they've left cashiers, but they've gone to 3 check lines instead of the 7 they had. That plus each line having people spaced out makes the lines go up the isles and around the store. I don't even know what's more annoying, waiting in all that, or trying to shop in an isle...
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    Photo of the Day

    Sitting on a tree stump eating my lunch and this guy comes by:
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    Let's see your bird pictures!

    Best I got chasing around this guy yesterday
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    Cell phone shots

    My contract was up, so I upgraded to the Galaxy S20+ Pretty danged impressed so far!
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    Learner guitars - help

    Blackstar makes great portable stuff! I've got the Fly3 and the Fly3 Acoustic. My Gretsch 5420 with a tape echo sounds wonderful through the Fly Acoustic!
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    Learner guitars - help

    Another great one that I didn't see mentioned: Gretsch Jim Dandy! I think for a beginner it'd be terrific. I've had one for a few years now and it's my take all over the place guitar. With the right strings it actually sounds pretty decent. Here's mine:
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    Photo of the Day

    For some reason you seem to have one of my very old pictures? Here's a close up from that, and the guy sitting on the stage in the background:
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    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! Ren & Stimpy are back! ;-)

    Almost more worried than excited! Also, getting very impatient here for the new Punky Brewster!
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    What Are You Reading?

    Well I know the prices move a bit daily, but at the time of my download all these I can recommend under 3$: Ebola K: 3 book set, very good read Day of Reckoning: Decent, but not terrific The Useful Idiot: Awesome if you love Soviet style drama The Sentinel: An over done 'What if ... Eva Braun's...
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    July photo contest - Sunrise or sunsets

    I shall cast a vote for #15
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    TV series I miss seeing

    Alice! Love it! Started watching again awhile ago!
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