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  1. captp

    Who should be the next Jeopardy Host

    Still trying to get rid of Justin Bieber, eh?
  2. captp

    A Day At The Range/Gun of the day

    Had about an hour or so at the makeshift gunrange at my BiL's, about 30' or so. Walther PPQ SC (3.5" barrel) & Q4 TAC (4.6" barrel) both 9mm SC 10 rounds TAC 4 15 rounds About as good as I expected. Not so bad for a guy who hasn't fired a gun in close to 30 years .
  3. captp

    Learned a great new word

    From Friday or Saturday Pickles comic strip. Nonversation When my dad & his brothers would get together, they would all be talking at once about 3 or 4 totally different things. Anyone else have experience with nonversations?
  4. captp

    RIP Alex Trebek

    RIP Alex.
  5. captp

    What is your Current Brush Rotation? How many Brushes?

    Paladin Moe with skull & crossbones (a prototype)
  6. captp

    Dogs fainting and clacking teeth

    That's what I was thinking; they both do it about equally; hard to say which one will end up dominant, but I'm betting on Iggy. We'll see.
  7. captp

    Dogs fainting and clacking teeth

    Thanks on the teeth clacking; I figured it was harmless, but, in my limited experience, i had never seen it. I'll make sure my sister (her and BiL's dogs) takes it up with the vet. Again, thanks.
  8. captp

    Dogs fainting and clacking teeth

    No problem. When I started typing, I was going to add "not like those hilarious fainting goats", but forgot.
  9. captp

    Dogs fainting and clacking teeth

    Having never seen a pair of puppies growing up. Iggy & Spark, littermates, are the best of buddies. A couple of strange, to me, things. When they're playing together, the frequently clack their teeth at each other, like play biting. Sounds like they're going to chip teeth, but nothing so far...
  10. captp

    Another icon passes RIP 007

    RIP, Sean
  11. captp

    images on old threads

    Same here. Can't see pics in a lot of older posts. Chrome on LG V60
  12. captp

    What Shaving gear have you “Stocked up on”?

    Not a darn thing. I have enough soap & blades to last well into the afterlife, and enough razors to last until the next Big Bang. Don't even ask about the brushes.
  13. captp

    Any big wheel gun fans?

    When i first read the thread title, I had a mental picture of a little kid with a cowboy hat riding his Big Wheel shooting his cap gun. I do have one revolver (no pics, it's locked in my BiL's gun safe). Colt 1917 New Service 45 acp. Haven't fired it in at least 35 years. It was my dad's, one of...
  14. captp

    The SCORE! Post your acquisitions here

    Ammo Squared shipment. I was expecting 250, they shipped 500 (why have 250 when you can get 500 for twice the price?) All target ammo. Hopefully, there will be a nice enough day this week that I can get out and fire a few mags thru the PPQs (SC & Q4 Tac); in the process I'm sure I'll find out...
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