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    Made in USA - how important is it to you?

    I have been reading about Above The Tie. Their new razors are going to be machined in China and designed and assembled in the USA. On their own site there are customers who think it is an unfortunate development and others who do not mind. I am acquainted with the owner and am supremely...
  2. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Declining sales at the, "Three T's?"

    I refer to Trumper, Trufitt & Hill, and TOBS of course. A year ago I was in conversation with the owner of a large online men's shaving site. It is well known here on the forum. He noted that when he evaluated sales trends over the prior five years that there was a marked decline in him...
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    Watch Ya Wearing

  4. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Janus Razor Shaves

    I did some digging to make sure I had it right. I bought a Toggle here on BST that was gunked up - the adjustment collar was real stiff. It cost $150.00 was sold as is and was a calculated risk. After some consulting with Chris who restores and replates (what is the name of his site?) I got...
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    You want a choice, you got a Choice!

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    Forget Mrs. Hubbard...

    Send me your mailing address and I will put one of these in the mail to you. :biggrin1:
  7. Captain Pre-Capsize

    All gone... for now

  8. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Forget Mrs. Hubbard...

    Thanks guys, here is some interesting feedback on these copper bowls. It is common that when a customer receives his copper bowl that when we hear back from him it is some version of this: "Got the bowl, it is better looking in person than the pictures. Here is what happened. It is the one...
  9. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Forget Mrs. Hubbard...

    No fairy tale at Captain's Choice, they are all gone. Once again we are out of our hand made copper lather bowls. We hope to be restocked in a week.
  10. Captain Pre-Capsize

    In honor of Memorial Day

    Hey, I am glad to have the help and appreciate you telling me about it - thanks! It never occurred to me that you were doing anything but helping out. And that is because of the community vibe that prevails here, compliments of the membership as well as the moderators who do a lot more behind...
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    In honor of Memorial Day

    Many thanks and much appreciated!
  12. Captain Pre-Capsize

    In honor of Memorial Day

    Good heavens, how on earth did I get that wrong and a title can't be corrected. Thanks, @MyOldKentuckyHome
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    In honor of Memorial Day

  14. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Do You Fly the Flag?

    Our flag has been flying 24/7 for years and is lit at night. We do take it for granted here in the US as @EclipseRedRing alluded to, this flying of the flag. For instance, in Germany I understand it is seldom seen and this is true in many other countries - just not done. I have neighbors who...
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    What do you drive?

    Well the Suburban got to 230,000 miles on the original transmission. It had begun to slip when put into reverse, had begun leaking oil, the whole grill was loose across the front. So I put it out to pasture. (Sounds like a country western song.)