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  1. Captain Peachfuzz

    R41 Razor

    I used the R94 twice so far and I love it!! Beside the obvious bling factor, with my usual Feathers it slices right through and with a deeper blade angle it's a lot easier to navigate under the nose. Funny thing was, I cut myself the first shave after going bloodless for weeks on end with the...
  2. Captain Peachfuzz

    R41 Razor

    I own both the 2011 & the 2013 R41’s and while the 2013 is somewhat tamed with a different cap, I couldn’t get a good shave without irritation & cuts from either until… I figured out I needed to change the angle of the razor to my face. The blade on the 2013 version (which I have been using...
  3. Captain Peachfuzz

    Muhle Sea Buckthorn Creme - Where's the Fragrance?

    Well I got my money back so It's not a big deal but I love the smell of the after-shave lotion which for some reason smells fantastic, (to me). I may have to seek out the EJ version because apparently the batch that Muhle has in the US is the same as what I have. Thanks all for the input!
  4. Captain Peachfuzz

    Muhle Sea Buckthorn Creme - Where's the Fragrance?

    I was recently given a sample of Muhle Sea Buckthorn Aftershave lotion and I fell in love with the fragrance so I bought some as well as some of the Sea Buckthorn Shaving Creme in a tub. While the lotion I purchased has the fragrance I adore, the shaving cream is almost totally devoid of any...
  5. Captain Peachfuzz

    SuperSpeed and butterfly doors: effects on blades

    If your dorm has soft water your problem will go away once you get there without doing anything differently from what you are doing now. In regards to rinsing; if you have hard water where you are at now, you will get a white film from natural soaps and rust spots unless you avoid contact...
  6. Captain Peachfuzz

    SuperSpeed and butterfly doors: effects on blades

    You can have your water tested for free at many plumbing shops or places that sell water treatment systems. All you need to do is pick up one of the small sample bottles they have and drop it back off filled with water from the tap. If your water tests out at the 86-250 ppm range you describe it...
  7. Captain Peachfuzz

    Gillette 7 oclock (Yellows)

    These days I put my used blades in an empty dental floss container with the guts removed. Luckily for me the brand of floss I use comes in a dispenser that is plenty big enough for about two million used blades. When the floss container is full, (which conveniently seems to happen about the time...
  8. Captain Peachfuzz

    R41 OC Head Versus Mekur OC Head

    My go to razor is a Muhle R41 Open Comb pared with a Feather. The head on it looks almost identical to the head on my travel razor which is a Mekur Open Comb Travel Razor pared with a Feather, but... ...the Muhle seems to shave smoother/better whatever. It doesn't matter if I have them...
  9. Captain Peachfuzz

    feather blades

    Well, I actually said I ALMOST got a BBS shave after 2-1/2 passes: I actually have coarse facial hair and curly head hair. As a result, ingrown hairs can become problem. When I used a Sensor, to avoid ingrown hairs I only went with one WTG pass which gave me an acceptable shave but NEVER...
  10. Captain Peachfuzz

    feather blades

    Feathers are about the only blade I use. I've been at the DE thing for a year and can finesse a Feather in any razor and get great shaves although my Fat Boy @ 7+ is a slower shave. :wink: A Feather and an open comb Muhle is my new go-to. SUPER smooth, never a nick and a 100% BBS shave is...
  11. Captain Peachfuzz

    What to put on leather case

    Try this. I use it on my wading shoes, (used for fishing) and the stuff works great! Just rub it in with your hand. I've tried most other stuff but this stuff really softens hard dry leather, penetrates better than mink oil and isn't oily like neatsfoot. The other stuff that is great is...
  12. Captain Peachfuzz

    Merkur 1904 Open Comb

    I assume the head on the 1904 is the same as the Muhle R41? I have a Muhle OTW but as always... ...what's the harm in one more razor????
  13. Captain Peachfuzz

    Disposing of used blades

    I made a blade bank when I first started the DE thing and then switched to the handy USED BLADE slot on the back of plastic package of my preferred blade brands, Feather & Derby. It's WAY simpler and allows me to get rid of the blades before I accumulate enough to sell to a scrap dealer.
  14. Captain Peachfuzz

    Open Comb Dilemma

    I love the possibilities! Thanks for all the advice!
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