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    Collaboration with Simpsons in support of the Sue Moore fundraiser

    Wow... Nice choices and it will be fun chasing one. Myron
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    2018 release announcements

    Well I do hope you continue to announce the releases in multiple locations. I do hope that announcements appear on multiple sites. I only visit B&B and enjoy viewing the latest offerings. Beautiful collection! Thank you. Myron
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    Jnat Sale

    Very impressive looking stones.
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    Simpson Special Edition shaving brush releases

    Very nice selection. Myron
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    2018 release announcements

    Tagged... Have to keep an eye out! Myron
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    Paladin knots discussion

    Interesting reading... Looking forward to the follow up.
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    Paladin knots discussion

    Interested in topic... Subscribed! Always adding to the addiction. Myron
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    2017 release announcements

    Subscribed to this thread and view all updates. Prefer B&B for me. Myron
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    2017 release announcements

    Hardly... Most investigate the inventory and attempt to buy a brush under the radar. I keep looking and attempting but the rush to buy is quick. Myron
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    CLOSED - Hanging Strop PIF - Winner Decided

    Very nice work. Not in... Looking forward to seeing this go...