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    Gillette Rocket

    I love the Rocket HDs. I have quite a few .. Although it must be said - the Aristocrat JR is even better
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    Gillette British Hybrid Tech

    I have quite a few different Tech and New base plate and top caps .. not knowing exactly what a Hybrid looked like, I wasn't sure if I had one already (I don't). It's always nice to know there is another variation to add to the collection; suffice to say, if they do demand the £100+ then one eye...
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    Gillette British Hybrid Tech

    Thanks fellas. Great knowledge. Something else to keep an eye out for.
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    Gillette British Hybrid Tech

    I read a few threads where this razor is mentioned as something of a rarity, but I can't find an specific details on it, so any info would be much appreciated. What makes the British Hybrid Tech so unique? Is it just an ordinary flat plate Tech with Rhodium plate?
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    Gillette Bulldog from 1920

    Wow .. those Bulldogs are stunning. I have seen cracked handles filled/welded with solder and then carefully polished to blend. I have a hairline crack in one of my New Improved razors .. keep meaning to have a go at the solder trick.
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    Lupo stainless?

    Appols for not reading all 52 pages. Was a general opinion had on preference to the 72 or 95? I am leaning towards the .72 because I want something less aggressive than a R41 .. I assuming the .95 is on par with the R41??
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    New Wolfman Razor Site Coming

    I guess if you see it equivalent owning a Rolex watch then you are getting your money's worth out of it, and that's great.
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    New Wolfman Razor Site Coming

    Stop it, stop it .. I never going to justify getting one now if you saying they do not even provide a better ultimate shave. Only joking of course. If you feel the razor gives you value for your money I guess that's all that matters; your money to spend as you like.
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    New Wolfman Razor Site Coming

    Agreed. Quality and perfection are not the ultimate goal. we all different, and the boutique brands are merely filled a niche/market
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    New Wolfman Razor Site Coming

    I guess we all guilty of chasing that thing that gives the ultimate shave .. but like the wheel, and it's very limited parameter of perfection, the perfect safety razor was invented very early in its evolution. The renewed popularity of DE shaving is just going over old ground. The aggressive...
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    New Wolfman Razor Site Coming

    I assume those buying the Wolfman razors are doing so with an eye on investment as much as quality .. I appreciate they are well made; although they are still only a blade holder, and reviews don't identify them doing anything more (or less) than other great quality safety razors less than half...
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    Just used my first Gillette Brit Crat!

    I have 2nd & 3rd generations of Aristocrats (flat bottomed versions), both lovely smooth shaves as typical of Gillette. Is the diamond plate really the best? I was led to believe they were same head as the regular superspeeds, hence why I have never really considered them. Maybe I should pick...
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    Rust stains, vintage Gillette

    CIF Power & Shine spray and an old toothbrush is superb. Build up and stains just slide off it effortlessly
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    Finally getting around to restoring some 11 year old fire damaged razors.

    I have replated quite a few parts. Easier than expected. I imagine you could buff a nice shine onto that. A dremmel and Brasso works a treat.
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    Vintage Razor

    1930`s ball end New
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