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    Unusual cocktails

    That was quite brave of you..... I'm not very "brave". I did get a bottle of Crown Maple when it first came out. I had recently had some Maple liquor that was quite tasty when in Canada. I found that the Maple went well in a cup of hot apple cider. That's about as adventurous as I get. 🤣
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    Blanton's pricing

    Those are crazy prices! I get nervous about paying more than $50 for a "special" bottle..... Luckily, there's still quite a few $30 bottles that I enjoy.
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    Gifted a bottle of Japanese whiskey

    I've not had any, but have heard good things about Japanese whiskey. I typically use Distiller for quick research, but this particular bottle seems to elude them. I'm shocked at how many different Nikka varieties there are. https://distiller.com/search?term=nikka+10
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    What are you drinking tonight?

    Another pour of EWBiB last night. With an added rock this time. Apparently 100 proof did not agree with burning the roof of my mouth during an earlier meal.....
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    How to make a bottle last ?

    Is this an empty bottle? Don't drop it. Should last a long time. And back to reality....we need a bit more details to answer your question. One thing that seems universal is to keep it out of direct sunlight.
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    What are you drinking tonight?

    A sazarac cocktail is easily my favorite. I just wish more places knew how to make them. Perhaps I should just purchase the ingredients myself....
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    What are you drinking tonight?

    I haven't used it in years, as I tend to get information on new whiskeys from Distiller. As with all reviews on these things, personal preference can come into play. But what I like most about the website is their breakdown of mashbills and history. Distiller is much more brief in their notes...
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    What are you drinking tonight?

    According to the folks at Breaking Bourbon, this has a mashbill of 51% rye. So that's what I was referencing. I got my bottle on sale for under $30, so I'm by no means disappointed in it. I think the proof was just a bit high for me to be able to enjoy the flavors. I'll revisit again with a...
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    What are you drinking tonight?

    Pikesville Rye. Started neat, but it was a tad hot for me. Added an ice cube...and that was probably too much. It's obviously a barely-rye. Tasty, but not sure this will be a favorite.
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    Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2020

    Had a Sam Adam's Octoberfest last night. Then my Father in Law surprised me by pulling out last years Bourbon County Stout. Sorry I didn't get a picture. I was too busy enjoying it.
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    Watch Ya Wearing

    I never really put much thought into the lume on watches. Typically, I am never in a scenario where I would notice it, and generally they aren't "charged" enough to show. However, last night while taking the dog out, I decided to charge one with my flashlight. It happened to be the watch I have...
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    Darn Tough Socks?

    I wanted to follow up on this. I did end up ordering the Zulu's by Balega. They arrived yesterday, and I did a quick comparison with my much older pairs. The general design appears different, as the new socks have much more padding. I honestly can't recall if the original pair had padding that...
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    What are you drinking tonight?

    Poor planning on your part, Sir. 🤣 I did ask a friend if they had a whiskey recommendation for the occasion...but they laughed. So EWBiB it was. In all seriousness, the main reason I made my last purchase was gearing up for the November Nightmare.
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    Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2020

    Well, seeing as how yesterday was National Drink a Beer Day (apparently...🤷‍♂️), I ended up grabbing another one. Beer pictures in a Yeti aren't that impressive...but since you asked...
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    Where do you get your watch bands?

    I've been very happy with the "alligator" leather band I purchased from Bartons. Very comfortable.
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