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    Et tu Speick Stick?

    I love the new packaging, and am not concerned about the lack of tallow in the slightest, can’t wait to get one, always loved the Speick!
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    How long does shave cream keep?

    I recently bought some TOBS Sandalwood cream off A***** for a cheaper than normal price, and believe it’s gone bad. It was darker around the rim than the center, and it smelled very “off”, not right at all. I can only imagine how long it sat in a warehouse or wherever, possibly too warm at that...
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    Tabac Refill Shaving Soap review (New 2021 formula)

    Super cool thread @Luc, watching with great interest and eagerly awaiting shave results!
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    Maggard V3A

    It’s basically a DE89, nothing to write home or get too excited about in my experience. Mine didn’t hold the blade straight, although my V3A did a good enough job. Techs or Super Speeds are way better razors and are super cool to boot.
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    Question about canned goo

    Regular old Barbasol Original is loaded with Stearic Acid, which in my opinion is the most important part of a shave lather. The best shave lathers are loaded with Stearic Acid too. It lacks glide and skin food ingredients though, but cuts those pesky hairs close for me, every single time. Use...
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    My Three New Soaps

    I love how you completely avoided commenting specifically on the Williams. 🤩
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    Which Blades Have the Best and Worst Reputations For Consistency?

    Even back when I was using multi-blade carts, I remember inconsistency. I’m guessing it doesn’t take much for a blade to be a little bit “off”, as I’ve yet to find a make and model of blade that has been 100% consistent. The best have been Gillette Silver Blues and Permasharps, roughly 90% good...
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    Helicopters, I am surrounded by helicopters...

    The OP was more about the parents than the kids…
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    Helicopters, I am surrounded by helicopters...

    I had overprotective parents. It doesn’t do anything good for the child. You just become fearful of everything and whenever there’s a bump in the road they’re bigger than they really are. Still, we all have to sink or swim eventually, better sooner than later!
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    Fantasies, imaginations and delusions during shave

    I don’t think I’ve ever been relaxed enough during a shave to think of anything else other than not screwing it up.
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    Finally made a decent looking lather in a bowl! It SUCKED!!!

    One quarter stick of Arko is good for roughly 30 shaves. Load it like you hate yourself I guess.
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    Does shaving cream in a can work just as well as shaving soap?

    I much prefer it, but I don’t live dangerously.
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    What Change to Your Routine Made the Biggest Difference?

    It’s cumulative: Mild razor Sharp blade Beard mapping No BBS BS Canned goo Keeping it simple
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    Barbasol PIF

    Original and Sensitive Barbasol are two great canned goo specimens. I always get great shaves from the both of them favoring the Original for its uniquely fresh and warm scent, and being the true Beard Buster it claims to be! I have been very much “out” regarding my love for the canned goo, and...
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