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  1. BudgetShaverGuy

    D.R. Harris Lathering Question

    I recently ordered a couple DR Harris pucks from the same vendor, different scents, but one was the older formula, the other the newer. Check your packages!
  2. BudgetShaverGuy

    Tabac On the Way... First Time User

    Not chosen, just move along sir, you’re starting to block traffic.
  3. BudgetShaverGuy

    Tabac On the Way... First Time User

    I’m happy to hear your maiden shave went well! I agree with you on the post-shave, I believe Tabac is one of the best for my skin, which tends to go oily. For those that have very dry skin and don’t use balms, it’s def not moisturizing enough. The scent? Well, my opinion is that if you don’t...
  4. BudgetShaverGuy

    Which Personna Is This?

    Did you buy direct from Blackland? If so, I’d ask them, surely they will know what they sent you.
  5. BudgetShaverGuy

    They Don’t Understand

    That’s some Obi-Wan level of convincing power you have there...these are the razors you’re looking for...
  6. BudgetShaverGuy

    They Don’t Understand

    I think with shaving in particular, it’s kind of a chore, and I think most people just trust what’s on the shelf in their local store, which is understandable. Plus not everyone is so picky or in possession of an overly sensitive face. I had a great shave today with a Duke 2 in Best, Tabac...
  7. BudgetShaverGuy

    Debating on trying the Veg.

    It smells crazy. The one time I used it it made my eyes water, but I dug it.
  8. BudgetShaverGuy

    Other Than Razors, What Have You Shaved With?

    Cartridges and DE's, I have zero plans to put a straight anywhere near my face let alone anything not classified as a razor!
  9. BudgetShaverGuy

    How to soften the hair without a shower?

    Proraso pre-shave, any flavor will do, the stuff is pure magic.
  10. BudgetShaverGuy


    Um just leave it in the package where it's tightly wrapped in that pro gold Tabac foil that locks in the freshness likely forever. You guys are way overthinking this, it's kinda cringey.
  11. BudgetShaverGuy

    Bunch of bull.

    How in the hell could one not like sauerkraut?
  12. BudgetShaverGuy

    Tabac On the Way... First Time User

    Tabac is one of the best. Load lightly my friend, this is not your garden variety soap that requires lots of loading. Once you have some bubbles on your brush, you should be good to go. I mention this because if you overload Tabac it gets pasty and sticky. I did that in the early days and didn’t...
  13. BudgetShaverGuy

    How to be a Good Server OR How to Convince an Entire Shaving Forum You're a Jerk

    Why Was This Posted On A Shaving Forum
  14. BudgetShaverGuy


    Tabac is the soap I’ve used the most since I started wet shaving. It’s dependable, cheap, efficient and leaves my face very soft and close, all day long. My preference is for the shave stick, I will never be without one!
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