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  1. Buckler

    A Day with Mastro Livi

    Woops For got to include a before and after pic of his New Old Stok razors. Woops Also for got to include a pic of my Razor Here is me shaving with an Italian Shaving cream and preshave cream, with an Italian Brush (Omega) and an Italian Razor, in Venice. Life is good. :D
  2. Buckler

    A Day with Mastro Livi

    Scales After making Damascus steel he then showed me how he grinds a razor (this will all have to be in another thred.) As you can see he would dip it in a solution to show the grain. He did this at each stage for me. Such a good guy! And this is one reason why his blades cost what they do...
  3. Buckler

    A Day with Mastro Livi

    Well actually it was 2 but that tittle sounded much more catchy. ;) So I was very privileged to spend some time with Mastro Livi. He is such a great man and I had the time of my life in his workshop. Here he is preparing to make his Damascus Steel This was my fantastic translator Luis. He...
  4. Buckler

    Norton 4000/8000 alternative

    If you can get to the quarry im sure it would be worth it. See if you can get a BBW/Coticule. I have changed my tune and now think that this stone is ok for newbies. Its real hard to over hone with this so its more idiot proof. You can over hone much easier on a Norton. Now if you go for a...
  5. Buckler

    My world Travel products

    The visit was real fun especially after picking up a French razor in the country of origin! And a big tube of Martin De Candre, possibly one of the best shaving soaps ever. Via Austria for some German products (close, they speak the language:) ) (These are just great and smell amazing. So...
  6. Buckler

    My world Travel products

    I went to some countries in europe and made an effort to get some shaving products as mementos. Italy was first and I got 3 tubes of Proraso shave cream, a soap and pre shave cream for the price I can get one tube posted to me in Oz. :) I also managed to get a Mastro Livi razor while there...
  7. Buckler

    Picture word picture workds

    BIg ban cwl
  8. Buckler

    Picture word picture workds

    Bla bla DSC02904 Bla bla bla
  9. Buckler

    Australian Traveling Scuttle...

    p.s. can someone give a quick run down on how to use one? I used to use a small bowl inside a larger bowl and found that having freshly boiled water in the under bowl made the lather dry up fast. Perhaps if I put real hot water in before the shower it will be at the right temp after?
  10. Buckler

    Australian Traveling Scuttle...

    Ï'm in" Always wanted to try a scuttle. And it sounds perfect for me by your description Timmy. I use a small bowl to lather in. Even the really large coffee mugs are too small for me. No rush Willy, (provided thats ok with Stu). Im happy to wait a few weeks or so. Timmy, what was postage $?
  11. Buckler

    Jos. Holler Rescale

    NIce! You really captured the look well!
  12. Buckler

    question on nicked up strop

    If your still learning, just keep going, it shouldnt affect the razor edge to much that you would notice it at this stage. As mentioned above just find a way to remove the flappy bits and it will be fine.
  13. Buckler

    Just GAVE my first straight shave...

    Awesome!! That is so cool. Its easier and harder than you think a? iv only done a few on my bros, but was fun. I recon one of those reclining chairs would be great for it. Saw one in an antique store $3000.... maybe later :) Grats +Sz
  14. Buckler

    How many strops do you have?

    10ish 3 golden oldies, which are useless but look unreal, hanging in garage next to barbers poll (which does work:) ) 2 attempts that didnt work, or got water damaged. 4 i made myself and am selling to friends. And one the same that I use myself. And one that I really need to return to a...
  15. Buckler

    Straight Shaver Interview - Luc

    That was awesome, thanks guys. +Simon
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