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    Favorite Natural Stone Size

    1 inch x 5 inch minimum. BUT I would take a 4 inch x 10 inch plus any day. I have a few 4 pounders.
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    GD Jnat/1u Film shootout

    Stay there then! Theres so many ways to hone and so many different types of each variety. Sounds like you hit a home run!
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    Hard vintage synthetic for knife sharpening

    I have the venev diamond bonded stones. They work very well on very hard steels but they load up quickly on carbon steel.
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    Straight Razor Geeks Honing Knives

    Those types of knives can be sharpened easily using a paper wheel or a belt sander followed by some white compound on a leather belt. I did a few paring knives for a neighbor recently. You can't raise a bur on some of them freehand. And if you do sometimes it takes forever to remove.
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    Straight Razor Geeks Honing Knives

    Spydie para 3 in s110v on the fly setup. 325 dmt card and venez diamond bonded 1200. (Polishes much higher than 2k)
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    Reuse JNAT slurry or make new?

    I reuse mid-range slurry. Dump it on my finisher. Doesn't work with all of them but works very well with one particular stone.
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    Gold dollar razor

    I never seen that either. And I've seen a load of gds. But as was said anything is possible. At least your out a few bucks and not a couple hundred.
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    Why Hone Edge Leading?

    I doubt it makes a meaningful difference. For my razors it's always edge leading for the finishing. For my edcs though I find edge trailing works at least as well as edge leading. I couldnt say yes but i wouldnt say no. Lol.
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    who's using ILR stone

    The one I have is ok. It finishes. It's unremarkable though. I have a load of other options that perform better and faster. Not trying to be cynical though. But I haven't used it in years.
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    What’s your “sure thing” progression?

    1k chosera. Nakayama iromono with atoma 1200 slurry (super fast stone) and then dump the worked slurry from the iromono onto any.number of hard jnat. Lately a hard takashima.
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    Honing...by a beginner for beginners

    What I mean is it takes more time to learn to do circles accurately than other strokes imo. There's nothing wrong with circles.
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    Honing...by a beginner for beginners

    Personally I think that circles take.longer for guys to learn to do accurately so thus the longer learning curve.
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    Does scratchy karasu even exist?

    I own one karasu which is not scratchy. I have worked on several at meets. One was scratchy. And it was a huge stone(4 lbs or so) with beautiful markings.
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    Film Tile holder

    When I tried film a while back i went to a granite shop and got the guy to cut me some cutoffs in 1 1/4. Its thick enough to hold with one hand without worrying about your fingers.
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    6-piece set for $70 Norton "look alike" - is it worth it?

    Knives generally are sharpened at a much coarser grit than straight razors. Abrasive density and hardness come into play as well. Soft stones dish faster. I would not be a buyer, jmo.
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