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  1. bth88

    Vintage Watches

    If we told you we'd have to kill you
  2. bth88

    Budget Watch?

    I also try to avoid doing this. If I'm a few seconds off no big deal
  3. bth88

    Show us your First watch.

    Had some kiddie watches that I can't remember. The first real watch I got in my early tweens was one of these below. Traded it, sorely missed it. Thank you ebay!!! I got two super cheap for sentimental reasons. Great time keepers, pretty rugged. A little small for my tastes these days but they...
  4. bth88

    Budget Watch?

    I have one from the 50's. The older windup only movement, still keeping time. FWIW the new ones are bulletproof by comparison and you shouldn't have a need to have them serviced which could be hit or miss on ebay with a watch a few decades old. They have a break-in period, afterwards you might...
  5. bth88

    Most Overrated Aftershave?

    Ha! They should make that. Hey it's BCA month, I'd donate to a worthy cause.
  6. bth88

    Budget Watch?

    I beat the crap out of my Amphibia's and never had one die on me. How old was it? A lot of repairs amount to blowing out the inside. They are very diy serviceable watches. I'd take a second look at it. I've seen guys drive trucks over them. YMMV :lol: Btw, the bezel is held in place by a...
  7. bth88

    Most Overrated Aftershave?

    Too bad it's not the the original. You could throw menthol crystals in that and have yourself blue Floid. :laugh:
  8. bth88

    Cowboy Boot AD - How many pairs do you own?

    One pair, Double H's. Nothing crazy just a pair of serious kickers with steel toes should I have a bull I'm ridin' pounce on my big toe. lol
  9. bth88

    Budget Watch?

    What he said. There's a few other features that watch snobs dis. One is the plexiglass crystal. It's designed to flex under pressure at extreme water depths. It's pretty thick and can easily be buffed out if scratched. There's a break-in period after which you have a fine running...
  10. bth88

    Most Overrated Aftershave?

    Master's Bay Rum? My very first introduction to bay rums. Thank god I thought "they can't be all like this?" and tried some others. But I have to say it makes a good chaser in a bootlegger's cocktail. lol
  11. bth88

    Clubman Special Reserve After Shave Cologne

    From what I've read of his escapades into the fairer sex he might have had good reason to shower 12 times a day? LOL
  12. bth88

    Off the Rack Dress Shirts

    I was just going to post the very same thread. I'm having a hard time finding quality dress shirts at an affordable price these days. :popc:
  13. bth88

    The next watch you're eyeballing?

    Ha! My coworkers and I were just having this same conversation a week ago. I said something similar in regards to someone sporting a new "smart" watch. The watch on my wrist will likely be functional decades from now. I can't say the same for the smart watch. Mine doesn't need a daily charge...
  14. bth88

    Reccomend me a watch

    Poljot Buran 3133 has engineer written all over it. :001_cool:
  15. bth88

    The next watch you're eyeballing?

    Indeed and I'll add that you need to see my watch collection. It's pretty superfluous.