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Recent content by BTA88

  1. BTA88


    Nice choice. I've had my VTC Mini for a few days, it's perfect for carrying around. So far, it's much better than my old VT.
  2. BTA88

    Hand Check and VOTD

    Hohm Wrecker, TFV4, Bombshell by Centerfold
  3. BTA88

    Show us your best cloud

    Gaming as a vaper.
  4. BTA88

    How do you carry your gear?

    Thanks for that. I bought one of their medicine cases. The elastic loops for syringes are perfect for bottles of liquid and batteries. I love this case!
  5. BTA88


    My vape mail from today. Testers for my folks. the IPV4s in the pic is from yesterday's vape mail. And the shaving products in the background are purely for ambiance.
  6. BTA88

    RazoRock Black Mamba Review

    Are you trying to seduce me? Because it's working. :ihih: On a more serious note, have you used the Razorock Mission? If so, how does it compare? The Mission is my current workhorse.
  7. BTA88

    What is your All Day Vape?

    I just bought a bottle of Watermelon Crack from B-X, which is described as "watermelon jolly rancher with a hint of minty after taste". To me, it tastes like mint on top of mint with some mint on the side, and a sprinkling of mint on a mint salad. It might be up your alley, though. It's very...
  8. BTA88

    Your Vape Story

    It really depends on your taste. I work with 5 other vapers. 4 of them were smokers who vaped off and on until they bought sub ohm tanks, which replaced tobacco for them. The other was also a smoker until he bought a little eGo style pen and an EVOD tank and committed to using that instead of...
  9. BTA88

    What is your All Day Vape?

    Boardwalk also has a Bombshell flavor, but it sounds very different from the one one I like. Here are the flavors I mentioned. http://www.centerfoldvapeco.com/Bombshell-ejuice-p/juice-bombshell.htm http://b-xvapor.com/collections/frontpage/products/acai-melon
  10. BTA88

    What is your All Day Vape?

    For those who are lucky enough to have discovered their ADV, what flavor just does it for you? Right now, I'm alternating between two that I'm enjoying a lot. The first two that I could ever consider ADVs for me. Bombshell - Centerfold Vape Co. It's a Banana vape with a good coconut background...
  11. BTA88

    Another Newbie with a Juice Question

    You might want to look for some RY4 liquids. RY4 is a very specific tobacco flavor liquid that vapes very well. A lot of companies have their own mixes with it, but to date, it's the only tobacco vape I've found that I enjoyed. You might also want to look into a sampling service like Zamplebox...
  12. BTA88

    Drippers vs tanks - which do you prefer?

    Personally, I have 4 sub ohm tanks and 3 drippers. They each have their place for me. Usually I have 2 tanks and one dripper on me at any time, but the tanks get the bulk of the use. As far as a blanket statement of preferring one style to the other, I can't really say. For me it comes down to...
  13. BTA88

    Your Vape Story

    Liquids and hardware have both come a very long way in the past 2 years. At the moment this industry is booming so fast, there's a new latest and greatest every 3-4 months. I'm currently rocking an IPV D2, which was great when I got it 2 months ago, and it still is today. However, in those past...
  14. BTA88

    Favourite Tank

    It should work with non-Claptoned coils. I can't see why it wouldn't. Then again, I don't have one in my hands yet, so I cannot say for sure.
  15. BTA88


    I'm waiting on so many goodies. Most anxiously, my Hohm Wrecker, IPV4s and my Crown tank. I'm also waiting on a couple entry level mods that I'm testing to give to my mom and stepdad for Christmas. Starting with the VTC Mini and Disruptor. Fun times!
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