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    8 months later, and I‘m finally proficient

    After 8 months of toying with a straight razor, I’m confident enough to call my technique proficient. Today’s shave was very close, and the alum block gave me virtually zero irritation. I also had zero cuts or weepers. while it didn’t take me long to become proficient with a DE, the straight...
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    Straight Virgin no more!

    Great work. Keep it up. It took me a mere 7 months (not exclusively) to become proficient at getting a really nice shave with no nicks or razor burn with a straight. figure out what works for you, which you are doing.
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    Techniques to straight razor shave under chin and neck area.

    If it’s any consolation, it took me 7 months to get a smooth shave under the chin. Lots of trial and error and no pressure. I swear it will come
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    Alden v. Mephisto

    Here is why I would suggest Alden. If you find both just as comfortable, the Alden shoes should last a very long time if they are taken care of properly. Moreover, for just over $100 you can send the Alden shoes back to Alden, they will refurbish them and fit the in with new soles and do it all...
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    A W Wadsworth & Son

    Hey Guys: I have several straights I acquired at a yard sale, which I got honed. One is an A W Wadsworth & Son, Germany. I'm hoping someone has some information about it. Its a 6/8 razor.
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    Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall….Fragrances!

    For me Yatagan is definitely a winter scent. I love it. It is unique and when it dries down, smells incredible. My wife likes it as well. I'll also say Caron 3rd Man is a great winter scent. Its a combo if lavender and musk. I believe that Wholly Kaw's Fougere Bouquet would be incredible for...
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    Are larger razors more comfortable?

    I know YMMV, but I've been recently having with a Challenge Cutlery 6/8 near wedge, and I like the razor. Today, I pulled out a smaller Challenge Cutlery razor, a 5/8 round point, hollow. I've noticed that the bigger razors tend to be more comfortable. Is it just me, or is this general...
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    Straight Virgin no more!

    Well done. It’s all muscle memory from here and it’s a learning process.
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    7 months into straights: I'm finally learning about zero pressure shaves

    This week I had an epiphany: no pressure means no pressure. I've been using a straight (not exclusively) for about 7 months now. And over the past week, I've narrowed down my straight razor to a recently honed, and very sharp Challenge Cutlery 7/8 near wedge. I thought that if I stick with...
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    How can i get closer shave on my chin without going against the grain

    I went ATG today on andn under the chin. no muss no fuss. I also went at a steeper angle with the grain on ny chin its getting better. Practice makes perfect.
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    How can i get closer shave on my chin without going against the grain

    on my face, yes. On my chin, No. stating that, maybe against the grain is really across the grain based on how my hair grows on my chin. I'm guilty of not good mapping.
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    How can i get closer shave on my chin without going against the grain

    I had a wet shaver who supposedly had a good reputation for honing, hone my razors for me. I can tell you they came back very sharp.