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  1. BroGuy17

    New Gillette DE - Found in Houston, TX

    Tried out the blades today, I found them very mild. Much more mild than my astra SP. No cuts or bumps.
  2. BroGuy17

    New Gillette DE - Found in Houston, TX

    Haven’t tried yet. Plan on trying tomorrow.. stay tuned..
  3. BroGuy17

    New Gillette DE - Found in Houston, TX

    This was in the vintage park area! 249 and Louetta
  4. BroGuy17

    New Gillette DE - Found in Houston, TX

    By the way, I shaved with astra blades, not the provided blades. Didn’t want too many variables to start.
  5. BroGuy17

    New Gillette DE - Found in Houston, TX

    Just finished up my first shave. I went in skeptical, as I usually prefer stainless steel products and honestly collect Gillette out of nostalgia. I usually don’t love the shave I get out of my Gillette collection. My go-to is either my Rex ambassador or GC 84. HOWEVER - this bad boy is better...
  6. BroGuy17

    New Gillette DE - Found in Houston, TX

    FYI - was able to get one of these from my local Walgreens in Houston, TX. It was last one on the shelf so packaging was a bit damaged.
  7. BroGuy17

    Buying vintage Gillette razors

    Here’s something cool to think about... some of these razors have been on this earth longer than us and will continue to be on this earth longer than us if we give them the sort of care/maintenance they need... pretty cool to think about maybe 100 years from now a new generation seeking out the...
  8. BroGuy17

    Game Changer .84P

    Big GC fan here, have the 68 and 84 SB plates! I personally have the radio knob handle and don’t have any issues!
  9. BroGuy17

    Pizza? I got your pizza, right here!

    Do you deliver to Texas? Lol
  10. BroGuy17

    Anyone actually saving money?

    lol heck no I’m not saving money. This is an addiction and not a cheap one. Not the craziest expensive one (especially considering how most items hold their value) but still..
  11. BroGuy17

    1st Golden Shave - CONTEST - DIRECT GIVEAWAY! 3 Safety Razors!!!

    Currently semi-confined. I work for one of the worlds largest telecom providers maintaining the fiber optic network in Texas - we support numerous emergency services so we have to dispatch to any trouble tickets or fiber cuts that may occur. Outside of that I’m doing the admin side of the job...
  12. BroGuy17

    High end razor recommendations

    Great question! I am a dairy shaver. Facial hair isn’t too course, more of a medium probably. I do three passes WTG, XTG, ATG with my GC. With other razors I tend to just do two passes WTG WTG due to my struggles with blade angle. I do like to blade buff!
  13. BroGuy17

    High end razor recommendations

    I had looked at these but was overwhelmed with the choices, so I really appreciate you making a specific recommendation! What’s the lead time on the wolfman looking like? I see a lot of people posting about being on the wait list.
  14. BroGuy17

    High end razor recommendations

    Looks really impressive! I’m really intrigued by the infinitely adjustable aspect!