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    Tax Benefits in the Sue Moore Auction

    The rules are kind of vague and a little misleading in the Sue Moore Auction FAQ, so I thought I'd lay out the tax benefits of participating. Most importantly, your purchases are not tax deductible just because the check is made out to a charity. The tax benefits are to the contributors, not...
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    FS SDV, LPL, unused sticks, Valobra, NOS Schick

    Great stuff from a great member. Buy with confidence.
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    FS Parker SRX Heavy Duty Shavette and Weck Sextoblade

    The Parker has been sold. The Weck remains.
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    Travel 2

    You ought to have something, or the knot will get mashed and abused. If you don't want to spring for a dedicated travel tube (they aren't expensive), you can improvise in a lot of ways. Even a toilet paper tube with wadded up paper towels as plugs would be better than nothing.
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    Wade & Butcher Safety Razor Blades on A Counter Top Display

    Very cool. I love the poster. It would look great matted and framed. The blades must be thick. I wonder if one could hone them. Maybe that's how you get hundreds of shaves from one.
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    FS Parker SRX Heavy Duty Shavette and Weck Sextoblade

    Couple of classic shavettes here. I used them to acquire muscle memory for using a straight. That being done, I'm passing them along in great condition. On the right is an all stainless steel Parker SRX Heavy Duty Shavette. Used once and excellent. Your barber might use one of these on the...
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    heated shaves to a new level

    The cartridges are useful only in that razor, and you can't use any other cartridge. On pre-order the cartridges are $5 apiece, and there's no guarantee that the razor (or carts) will continue in production after this "prototype phase." So you could plop down over $100, never see a functioning...
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    New old find. MMOC Pure brass before and after.

    Nice find and nice polish job. I love the look of polished brass.
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    Frank Sinatra's Den

    It was an ad for GIT with a 50's photo of Sinatra. He was reportedly a wearer of both GIT and Bois du Portugal or at least an endorser. He died in '98, but I guess Creed didn't think an old man Sinatra was a great endorsement.
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    Lord Big Ben blades

    Where are Lords made? Egypt maybe?
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    Frank Sinatra's Den

    Looks like a lather streak to me. But the original post's photo clearly shows the bald pate. I saw a magazine ad from the 50's with Frank touting Creed Green Irish Tweed. Supposedly he really used the stuff.
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    Going back in time

    WHAT?! Advertisers on the internet are tailoring their advertisements according to our internet searches?! When did that start?? :001_302: Seriously, you've begun walking a good path. Enjoy. I'm pretty sure you will.
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    Cella Question

    What a great shave stick it makes. As much as I love the smell of Arko [cough cough], my Cella shave stick loves to travel with me.
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    Pictures - how a copper lather bowl is made

    Sweet looking bowl and great photo essay! I think one of those copper bowls would look great on my sink next to my blue ceramic CC bowl. One for lathering and one for hand soap? Work with me here; I need an excuse.
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    Maggard's Open Comb V2 Review

    Good write up. Thanks for taking the time.