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    Rockwell Reveal

    The Model T is totally out of stock, and never really met expectations. My guess is a second generation, new and improved, adjustable. Maybe mostly stainless.
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    Old Proraso Blue irritates

    Almost every cream and soap manages to burn my skin, even when using a cartridge razor, except for Proraso. Wet shaving really is a YMMV hobby! The aloe in the Blue might also be the culprit, and unless your old tube was somehow rancid, I doubt the new "Super Forumula" will be much different...
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    Lea shaving creams - How is it?

    I think the Lea Classic, Sensitive and Menthol are great creams (also like the shave stick, and haven't tried the Classic soap). I rate them a little above Proraso (all colors) and Palmolive (Italian regular and menthol). Lea products are probably some of the best cheap hidden gems around...
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    Muhle STF dethroned

    Which of the seven PAA's is the "floppiest", i.e. easiest to splay? I'm looking for to purchase something as close to my original L'Occitane Cade brush as possible, have been disappointed with the recent Yaqis as too dense or hard to splay, and the PAA's look very interesting. Thanks.
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    Razorock Game Changer .68-P or Mamba .70 or BBS?

    I was thinking about purchasing a GC as I want an affordable all stainless steel CNC razor, but all the different opinions are really making me reconsider, and instead buying an adjustable like the Parker Variant or Pearl Flexi. I like my Rockwell 6S, so wouldn't even more adjustability have to...
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    Rockwell 6S Plates

    I use the R4 for shaving every day or so, the R3 if I happen to be sore from an unusually irritating shave, often the result of trying a new blade or cream that doesn't agree with me, and I might use the R5 in the unusual event I haven't shaved in three or more days. The R6 has never been...
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    PLANET KIND by Gillette

    Artisans are businessmen before environmental advocates. Most of us prefer the large, lightweight, waterproof, and extremely durable containers, and that's why they're used. There are issues with glass, tin and paper that simply don't exist with basic plastic, which is also usually cheaper, thus...
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    Irritation from Tabac

    Tabac is highly scented. If your reaction wasn't too severe, you might try leaving the soap out uncovered for a few days before trying it again. Sometimes it helps evaporate some of the fragrance oils (and hopefully your significant other like your bathroom smelling like Tabac). If it works...
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    LEA shaving sticks

    I tried the Lea Classic cream today. Mild soapy-sandalwoody scent (I prefer mild scent), nice slickness, cooling menthol, and an all-around very comfortable DFS shave with a nice moisturized aftershave feel. Used my trusty Rockwell 6S (R4), Personna Lab blade, and face lathering with my...
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    LEA shaving sticks

    I just received one of the new LEA shave sticks from Connaught, along with all three LEA shave creams, both Palmolive shave creams, and a few other items. Couldn't resist the clearance sale. I thought the old tallow LEA stick was great, and I'll report back after using the new stick a few...
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    Derby 'extra' Stainless.

    I always hated the Derby Extras as just too dull, although I haven't tried any post-2016 manufacture. However, I've recently tried the Derby Premium and found them very sharp and smooth, and second only to my favorite Personna Lab Blues / Med Preps.
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    Comparing brands...

    While blades are obviously a YMMV product, I don't believe I've ever seen anyone praising the Merkur blades. Even the much maligned Derby blades clearly have vocal fans.
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    Muhle STF dethroned

    How does the Green Ray compare to the Aerolite and Solar Flare? Does the Green Ray have comparable "floppiness" to the Solar Flare? Like @Cracker above, my gold standard is my beloved floppy L'Occitane Cade brush, and I am considering picking-up PAA brush. I've tried some Yaqis (and older...
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    Personna Platinum has good pictures of the the German Personna Platinums (and a good price), as does Connaught.
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    Best pre shave cream for sensitive skin?

    If you like the Proraso (as do I), just not the scent, note that like the Proraso creams, the pre-shave also comes in the blue, red and green varieties. I believe only the green pre-shave is mentholated. I prefer the white and red. YMMV.
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