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Recent content by Bobby1979

  1. B

    Perma-Sharp and Permasharp

    Both are good,i love indian permasharp 7 o clock,very good and underrated blade
  2. B

    whats the difference between these derby de blades?

    Derby extra sucks big time...worst blade ever,dull,plenty of other options on market
  3. B

    is there anything as confusing as 7 o clock blades

    7 o clock permasharp is excellent
  4. B

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Gilette rubie in merkur 33 c,excellent bbs shave in 2 passes....very smooth blade,will buy few more packs of these.One of best blades i tried in 33c.
  5. B

    Gilette rubie,pretty good blade,smooth

    Yes,solid blade,depends on razor too.when i switch to more agressive razor from my 33c i need couple shaves to get used to agressiveness and weight...to get bbs without nicks.33c gives me perfect shave every time,although more agressive razors give little closer shave.Sharper blades in 33 c do...
  6. B

    What is your most efficient razor that you can share with daily?

    Merkur 33c is smoothest for me,have 5 other razors but still came back to my first one,and like this the most,with sharper blades ,no irritation or nicks at all,every time bbs shave.
  7. B

    Gilette rubie,pretty good blade,smooth

    Had first shave yesterday with this one,very smooth blade,in my merkur 33c,no nicks at all,bbs shave in 2 passes,any opinions on this one
  8. B

    Treet carbon steel blades

    This one felt rough on my face,had 3 days of growth,just terrible,after 1 pass i switched to astra ss,what a difference.
  9. B

    Treet carbon steel blades

    These suck big time.....first pass gave me 7,8 wheepers,and my technique is pretty good,i rarely get any nicks,been shaving with safety razors more than 15 years,and yeah,i tried these in gilette tech ....worst blade ever.
  10. B

    Treet carbon steel blades

    Tried these,and theyre the worst blades i ever shaved woth,worse than derby extra.Just plain uncomfortable,rough and many weepers..i was all bloodied up,and that never happens to me with any other blades or razors.Did one pass with these,and i had like 7,8 weepers,that i neeverrrr get with 99,9...
  11. B

    Gillette Green 7o'clock India permasharp, wow

    For me,indian 7 o clock feels sharper and smoother than russian 7 o clock.
  12. B

    Any experience with Super-Max blades?

    Supermax super platinum is very good,green yellow ss too.
  13. B

    Gillette goal

    Not bad blades at all,but nothing special.
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