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  1. bluewing

    Decanted Pinaud Clubman -- Need An Orifice Reducer

    Hi, do you know anybody with a 3D printer?
  2. bluewing

    Am I crazy?

    Hi, That is sad. Mine arrived in decent enough time, about 4 weeks. Sad to say, I have now fallen prey to an Amphibia I now have on order. I hope to get it in the proper time. Ha, I could use one of those up in the far norf of Minnesota! But my Filson packer hat wouldn't stand for it.
  3. bluewing

    What are your favorite gizmos/tools?

    Hi, My plain carbon steel Wok. I use it not only for stir frying but deep frying and steaming also. And once cured, it's stupid slick and easy to clean. I have no idea why I never got one years ago.
  4. bluewing

    We killed the golden goose (aka DE shaving is a hipster fad)

    Hi, Meh, flannel shirts are supposed to be a hipster fad. Doesn't make my plaid flannel shirts any less effective a -20F. And if my razors and brushes are now a fad, I can't tell when I use them to get a shave that makes me happy.
  5. bluewing

    3 pass question

    Hi, It's a balancing act between your face, the blade and the razor. Don't forget what you may consider an acceptable shave. I do 2 passes as a rule, one with and one against. If I want that BBS shave, I need to do a 3 pass with buffing of the hard spots. So there isn't a clear answer but to...
  6. bluewing

    What type of reloading press do you use?

    Hi, Been reloading with a Lee Aniversary set I ordered new for a whopping $70 delivered. It ain't fast, it ain't pretty, and it sure ain't cool. But it turns out good enough ammo for me and as much as I need when I need it.
  7. bluewing

    Am I crazy?

    Hi, It was cheaper than a new Timex analog watch. I figured I got a couple Russian/Soviet rifles, a Russian shotgun, and a Russian dog. So owning a Russian watch seems like the next step.
  8. bluewing

    Anybody use one of these?

    Hi, I found an interesting countertop oven thing in my late Father-in-laws closet. A brief online search revealed it's a Turbo Convection oven. It's nothing more than a heating coil, halogen light bulb, and a fan all located in the lid. Controls are a thermostat and simple timer. I decided to...
  9. bluewing

    Am I crazy?

    Hi, As promised a picture of my Vostok I was drawn to the light blue fading to white watch face. Though the blue is a bit darker than the photo shows. And the smaller gold Paratrooper emblem is very tasteful I think. Overall, I think it's not too busy to look at while still being interesting...
  10. bluewing

    Am I crazy?

    Hi, Well, my Kommandirskie Paratrooper arrived in the post office today. I swapped out the factory strap for a blue NATO and I'm happy. It's neither too big nor too small and I think it looks as good in person as it did in the photos. I will try to get some photos tomorrow. Beauty is in the...
  11. bluewing

    What Animal have you seen in the wild, that was a rarity for you ?

    Hi, Haven't been able to get a photo yet, but I've got a cinnamon that passes through the yard every once in a while. He sneaks through around dawn. Be a few more weeks before he comes out of hibernation though. I hope he's back again this year.
  12. bluewing

    Am I crazy?

    Hi, I hoping it will tell me!
  13. bluewing

    Am I crazy?

    Hi, Well, since I have bifocals, I don't think seeing too good will be an issue!
  14. bluewing

    I have found my Spirit Razor

    Hi, Yeah, if an M showed up at a great price, I'd need to buy it for sure. But I'm not actively scouring the bay to find one anymore.
  15. bluewing

    I have found my Spirit Razor

    Hi, Everyone notices my outlets and everyone thinks they are upside down. But every outlet in the house is wired "upside down". :c1: Truth is, that is the most technically proper way to install them. Ever wonder why you need to give your vacuum cleaner cord a slight twist to plug it in? The...