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  1. Blood donor

    Fine - American Blend - BALM

    I love it, more than the A/s. Scent lasts all day, smells almost identical (slightly better in my view) and has some more moisturizing properties bring a balm. Wish they did l'orange noir in a balm!
  2. Blood donor

    Calling all shavers who get over 14 shaves from one disposable blade...

    I was variously a one-and-done shaver on this forum, though mainly a 5 days and done each week. Then I read the Excalibur thread and it got me thinking I ditched blades too soon. I tried my trusty Polsilver and am at 26 Shaves and counting with no dropoff in performance. It's frankly crazy. And...
  3. Blood donor

    Blade longevity: misconceptions vs reality.

    Glad someone mentioned the Excalibur Club/thread. It really opened my eyes. Guy on there at the moment up to 230 shaves on a blade! For years I was a 5 shaves max and toss guy, also one and done for a while. Having read the above mega Excalibur thread, I'm up to 16 shaves on a polsilver and...
  4. Blood donor

    I really just thought MDC was hype

    Legend has it that Fine soaps are almost identical in soap base to Tabac. That was their aim in replicating, and they come in glorious scents. L'orange noir is my personal fave. But I'd agree on the Tabac smell - really not pleasant though plenty do like it. Polarising.
  5. Blood donor

    First go with Martin de Candre

    Paul - you are going to love it. My fougere landed yesterday. Will use tomorrow but test lather was great. Scent is very nice but a touch medicinal. But each sniff is growing on me further. Had the original a Few years back so know how good the soap performs.
  6. Blood donor

    What Animal have you seen in the wild, that was a rarity for you ?

    I lived in Africa for six years. Was lucky enough to see the Big 5. First in my own car tracking them down over a few safaris. Then on foot on a 5 day walking safari sleeping on the ground without tents like safaris of old. The latter was especially incredible and humbling. And the lions and...
  7. Blood donor

    Fine balm - how long does the scent last?

    I can smell it days later on my scarf. Smells great and a little goes a long way
  8. Blood donor

    Alum causing irritation?

    This! Me too
  9. Blood donor

    FT Timeless Plate Trade .68 SC for .95 SB

    Still looking for this trade? I'm keen
  10. Blood donor

    Shaving Take-aways from 2019

    That exact brush is my fave too out of my 3 Yaqis. Mildly hurts me to say it is even better than my Paladin silvertip which is 5x the price. It makes great lather out of those soaps I'd previously chalked up as meh with my other brushes.
  11. Blood donor

    Trying to save $450. Premium sample haul. info inside!

    Great thread! I too love SV - started with Felce which I love the smell and performance of. Recently got Opuntia and it is more meh on the smell, which is also a lot weaker to me. Great performance though. Does the tub of 70th make the smell last any longer than the samples? I do like a good...
  12. Blood donor

    A Brief Walk On The Dark Side

    I also think having painstakingly learnt the zero pressure DE mantra, when we have to go back to a cart, we don't use the necessary pressure for them to perform to their best.
  13. Blood donor

    Journal of a floppy-fingered DE shaver

    Great thread and progress! When I read it, I hoped the move to actual soap would help the quality of your lather, and therefore shaves - glad it seems to be from the early days on Arko. If you are already able to go gently ATG, your technique must be sound too. Just on the lather making, worth...
  14. Blood donor

    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    Hot washcloth x2 with facewash instead of usual am shower prep, due to.... ....mid-morning DHL arrival of SV Opuntia soap Timeless 0.95 SB Omega 49 boar Polsilver (4) WH and Myrsol green A/S for the win. Might need to buy some more Fine Platinum A/S to pair with this similar soap. Shucks...
  15. Blood donor

    UK-bought blades?

    Ok, I've DM'd you. Thanks!
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