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    Cold River Soap Works Glide, Colonia Mediterranea Review

    Cold River Soap Works Glide, Colonia Mediterranea Review I've been using shaving soap for a few years now and have tried soaps from 7 or 8 different artisan makers. Of those, I currently find that Soap Commander is nearly my favorite, primarily because it's the slickest I've used, provides...
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    OK priced shaving soap that doesn't dry skin afterwards?

    The best face feel I ever had post shave was from Barrister and Mann Latha soaps. Just incredibly creamy, leaving your skin feeling soft and clean. Amazing soap. Why oh why did they discontinue it?? There are a few in my rotation that are nice, but they aren't quite up to the standard of the...
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    Mike's Natural Soaps...

    The quality of these soaps is very high. If you do not have a synthetic brush, or something like a stiff boar brush, you will have to really work to lather this soap. But with synthetic, it lathers with just a bit of extra effort and makes a very nice lather. It takes water much better than...
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    Walmart Dropping VDH Shaving Soap

    I probably should not have commented about this as my thoughts aren't really on topic about the product. Sorry for moving the thread in a non-shaving direction. Brian.
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    Walmart Dropping VDH Shaving Soap

    Walmart is the most predatory anti-American store in existence. You can't rely up them for anything except making money for themselves. VDH probably doesn't sell well so they've gotten rid of it. Every dollar you spend at Walmart is another dollar that other good retailers don't get. Brian.
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    Stirling Eucalyptus Mint Review

    I have the Proraso Green aftershave and smell pretty much zero eucalyptus from it. I do not have the Proraso Green soap. A long time ago I had a tube of C.O. Bigelow shaving cream from Bath and Body works. I'm told that it is Proraso cream with a different label. It was very obviously...
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    Stirling Eucalyptus Mint Review

    Eucalyptus Mint is my second Stirling shave soap. After I had the Orange Chill for 6 months or so, I realized that I REALLY liked it as long as I used enough water. When it's fully hydrated, the Stirling soap formula is slick and protective. I even get "magic lather" from it every now and...
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    Does Proraso Green have a flow reducer?

    I didn't really like the smell of the Green. It's pleasant enough, but it's kind of like soap. I don't really get any eucalyptus from it at all. Because of that, I thought that getting a replacement bottle of Green wouldn't be very constructive, as I'm probably not going to use the Green very...
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    Does Proraso Green have a flow reducer?

    In case anyone was wondering: The seller offered to ship me a new bottle of Green. I declined and asked for a bottle of Red instead. They agreed and I got it today. The bottle of red has no leaks, a round cap (not distorted and oval shaped at the bottom), and a flow reducer as expected. All...
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    Does Proraso Green have a flow reducer?

    I got this bottle from one of the major web retailers who specialize in shave gear. I emailed them yesterday but don't expect to hear back until next week since it's the weekend. Thanks for all of the feedback guys. Brian.
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    Does Proraso Green have a flow reducer?

    Here's what my bottle looks like: 540F8038-A8BF-40D2-B7D1-6847AA21B56C by blgentry posted Feb 16, 2019 at 7:44 PM771174BB-1201-4B89-A34B-A47395BBC8D5 by blgentry posted Feb 16, 2019 at 7:44 PM Brian.
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    Does Proraso Green have a flow reducer?

    I just got a bottle of Proraso Green in the mail. But things are a little weird with it. First, it has leaked quite a lot into it's box, leaving the box soggy and the bottle less than full. The cap is kind of oval shaped at the bottom, but round everywhere else. It almost looks like the cap...