Have been wetshaving since 1984, when I joined the Swedish Armed Forces (later became a Quartermaster, CO in the reserve).
I began with an "inherited" Gillette TTO, think it was the Fatboy(or something very similar), adjustable. I used that for some years, shaving being a "Chore" every day back then.
I mostly used Old Spice aftershave and soap (yes, was shaving when that was still available in plastic tubs from Shulton in original formula) :001_rolle
It is only during the last 8-10 years that I have been interested in other razors, AS's, soaps etc and have also been using a Boker stainless straight for some years during the weekends
I own several razors now, including the Feather "R2D2", Rockwell 6S, multitude of old Gillette razors. Canadian army 1932 model being my favorite (mint kondition in a green case with mirror, that shaves beautifully with new blades and a shim), Occam's OREN razor, Feather AC SS Scotchwood "straight" and some other "cheapo" razors.

Have found my perfect setup recently in the 6S, paired with a Voskhod blade (which I found is 0.2mm's narrower (edge to edge), compared to most other blades), and in the 6S, this combination is pure heaven...
L'occitane preshave oil (amazing down to earth Juniper/Cedar scent), Edwin Jagger Limes/Pomegranate soap, La Toja aftershave and Cade aftershave balsam.
This setup is the perfect one for me to use daily with zero irritation and maximum comfort.

I am partner in a company selling aircraft spare parts (used to work as an aircraft engineer in the 80's)


Being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved today, you have to do it again tomorrow. Reed Markham
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