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    What are you listening to?

    New Queens of the Stone-age album. Pretty good.
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    Here Comes Irma!

    Stay safe out there guys.
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    Whiskey consumption and weight loss.

    My advice is track your macros/calories on my fitness pal app. If you can fit a drink or two into your diet and still stay under your calories then go for it. Alcohol is metabolized in the body pretty much just like sugar. If you are serious about losing weight I would try to cut down.
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    Woodford Reserve

    One of my favorites. Easy to find, not too expensive for the quality you get.
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    Favorite Rum Drink for Summer

    Pain Killer 1-4 part(s) Rum 4 parts pineapple juice 1 part cream of coconut 1 part orange juice Sprinkle with nutmeg I copied the recipe from Wikipedia. Ignore the hyperlinks(unless you dont know what a pineapple is...)
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    Flogging Molly - Irish Band

    Fantastic live band. Saw them a few years ago. It was a great show.
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    Looking for a quality blender

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I decided to go with the Blendtec after watching comparison videos/reviews on youtube. It seems on par with the Vitamix and was quite a bit cheaper. I bought it from amazon and it arrived today. Broke it in with a carrot, fresh ginger root and lime smoothie...
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    Looking for a quality blender

    I want a quality heavy duty one to make protein smoothies and vegetable drinks. Saw a Blendtec refurb on Amazon for $229(comes with 3 year warranty). Do you guys have any experience with that brand or can recommend me one? Also considering a Vitamix but cant find one for the price of the...
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    Gin suggestions for a person new to gin.

    New Amsterdam. Cheap and wont overpower you with juniper (beginner friendly).
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    2017 - My Year of Bourbon

    Have you tried Buffalo Trace yet? Same maker as Eagle Rare. I recently revisited Buffalo Trace and In my opinion BT is better than ER. Also pretty good price at around 24-30 bucks. Also Evan Williams Single Barrel should be on your list. At $20 bucks a bottle for a single barrel it is possibly...
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    2017 - My Year of Bourbon

    Henry McKenna is very tasty for the price. I've been meaning to try Angels Envy(heard nothing but good things). Debating if I should pick up a bottle or go with a single-malt. I've been wanting to try Dalwinnie 15, and Balvenie 15. Well see what happens this weekend.
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    .300 AAC Blackout

    Yay congrats on the new upper!
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    Reccomend me a Mil-dot scope that will not empty my savings account

    Vortex Viper for about $500. Best warranty in the industry. Vortex Optics - Viper 6.5-20x44 PA Mil Dot
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    Whisky - another help pick.

    Balvenie Doublewood might be up your alley. Honey, vanilla, bit of bourbon and sherry taste. Very unoffensive, easy to find, and not super expensive.
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    Impulse buys

    I bought Prada Amber a few days ago. Remember smelling it a few years ago in a magazine and thinking it would be a nice spring scent. Im liking it. Very fresh and unoffensive.
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