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Recent content by Blackstangal

  1. Blackstangal

    What's your soap for today?

    Col. Conk LIME. Happy Shaving!!!!!!
  2. Blackstangal

    Newbie from California

    Welcom to the B&B.I live in So. cal.
  3. Blackstangal

    What exactly is the "old barbershop" smell?

    Brut brings back all those memories to me.:thumbup:
  4. Blackstangal

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    I use Stetson Original.I love it and it stays all day,even thru sweaty work days.:thumbup:
  5. Blackstangal

    Do you keep the boxes for your colognes and aftershaves?

    Get rid of the boxes before its to late.I saved the boxes to everything and it became clutter.Finally I just couldnt take it.Just get rid of them.:blush:
  6. Blackstangal

    Acquisitions for December 2011

    What a great score,Congrats! Im jealous.Ive been so busy at work for the last 6 months.I need to get to my local antique shops.
  7. Blackstangal

    First Double Duck

    Great looking razor! Them Ducks are amazing Shavers.Congrats!
  8. Blackstangal

    Gold Toggles differences

    Wow interesting.I didnt know there were 2 different toggles.Thats a plus +1 on the thanks.And the new quest you have just given me.:thumbup:
  9. Blackstangal

    Going to the antique store for the first time.

    I live in California and frequent a lot of Antique stores at about a 50 mile radius.I love the hunt.One of the things I always do is always ask for a 10% discount.Most of the items are on consignment and most dealers allow the sales person to apply this discount.Some dealers apply this only when...
  10. Blackstangal

    Easy Aces for Easy Money

    Thats just plain mean!!! That razor has been eluding me for years.:cursing::drool:
  11. Blackstangal

    I Started Making My Own Scales

    Yes I Did. Thanks for looking.:001_smile
  12. Blackstangal

    Kropp razor

    What a LOAD of Kropp! One NICE Razor!!!!:thumbup:
  13. Blackstangal

    I Started Making My Own Scales

    Here are some of my first tries.So far Im satisfied.:001_smile
  14. Blackstangal

    When 8/8 is not 8/8

    how bout some pics? :001_smile