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Recent content by Blackland Razors

  1. Blackland Razors

    The Vector is Blacklands best razor.

    Working on it. Production is really a mess right now and we're sorting out how to juggle production in order to get these back in stock ASAP. I don't have much clarity on a timeline right now, but I think I'll have insights on that in the next couple weeks. This is a top priority.
  2. Blackland Razors

    razor blade agression

    Oh. Yea the only way is to try a few settings and settle on what you like best. I’d probably start in the middle and then figure out if I need more or less aggressiveness.
  3. Blackland Razors

    razor blade agression

    DE blades don't vary in aggressiveness very much. Try a few for several shaves each and stick with your favorite. If you're new to wet shaving then I'd just pick one blade that the community generally likes and stick with it while you get the technique down.
  4. Blackland Razors

    Blackland Razors Ti Blackbird

    You’re exactly right and that’s also the magic for a lot of people with the Blackbird Ti. The highly efficient design combined with lighter weight is the sweet spot for those who want enough efficiency, but value smoothness more than absolute maximum efficiency. Also neat with the Ti is that you...
  5. Blackland Razors

    Blacklands Sabre in Hand. Classy & Elegant Presentation.....

    That sounds about right. The Sabre was designed to be smooth and easy to use with efficiency secondary or tertiary. It was originally intended to be the kind of razor that anyone could pick up and get a decent shave with their eyes closed. Level Two notches that up a bit, but not excessively so.
  6. Blackland Razors

    surgical vs marine stainless steel

    “Marine grade” stainless steel refers to 316L. I believe “surgical grade” stainless is less defined, but generally refers to 316, 17-4, 440, and I think a couple others in the 400-series.
  7. Blackland Razors


    The vast majority of razors are interchangeable. Rarely you'll run into issues like you pointed out, but probably 99% of the time you'll be fine.
  8. Blackland Razors

    Blackland Razors Ti Blackbird

    Don’t worry about us! If I didn’t want you to be able to return stuff then I wouldn’t offer it. The whole point is for you to be able to try things risk-free since it’s impossible to shave with a spec sheet.
  9. Blackland Razors

    Blackland Razors Ti Blackbird

    Could be worth a try since you can always return it. The weight makes a really big difference. OC or SB shave basically the same, but if you need every last ounce of efficiency then OC might be a better fit for you.
  10. Blackland Razors

    Blackland Razors Ti Blackbird

    Have you tried the stainless version yet? Might fit your need for something more aggressive. Beyond that, I don't see us making a razor much more aggressive than the Blackbird which is already on the upper end of the scale.
  11. Blackland Razors

    Would love to know gaps and blade exposures for classic vintage razors.....

    Incredible answer above. Yes, measuring blade exposure is not easily done and when tenths of a mm matter, the system for measurement must be robust and repeatable.
  12. Blackland Razors

    Introducing the Blackland Era - 100% stainless steel. 3D printed. $75

    Sure. Every day that passes we are closer to both reviews and the release. Review samples and the actual launch are linked pretty directly so the forces that delay the launch also delay reviews. But it doesn't really matter because the gap between reviews and the launch remains pretty constant...
  13. Blackland Razors

    Blackland Era

    Yep I'm with you there and I think that's the right strategy. I recommend waiting around three months after launch because by then production should be going full tilt and we should be meeting demand and maintaining inventory.
  14. Blackland Razors

    Introducing the Blackland Era - 100% stainless steel. 3D printed. $75

    It's true the Era will probably sell out quickly in months 1-3 during the soft launch as we build into full production. When we have a release we always announce that date and time a few days prior through all those channels and we don't randomly release things without warning. Generally...
  15. Blackland Razors


    Instant Pot is the cartridge razor of cooking. :)
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