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  1. BlackBear

    Nippon PIF

    Well, firsty, let me say that this review is a little overdue, so apologies to all. I won this most excellent PIF from Senshi some time ago, postage from Japan took quite a while and I was away at work when it arrived ( I work away for 3 weeks at a time, 1600kms from home) so AT LAST! Last week...
  2. BlackBear

    Vie-Long Brush

    My Vie long horse hair brush is a fine brush, one of my favourites. Not as luxurious as a silvertip of course, but similar to boar, I find it to be well made and an excellent brush. Vie Long have been making brushes for many years, I don't often hear complaints about them.
  3. BlackBear

    Do you have a "Golden" product? Mine is Proraso

    Although Proraso green is certainly one of my 'go to' soaps that performs everytime - I always reach for Mikes Soaps when I want that perfect lather/shave.
  4. BlackBear

    new to DE from Melbourne checking in

    Welcome Bozac, you should check out www.mensbiz.com.au they are based in Melbourne and do online orders as well as in store purchases (although I don't think they are a 'store' as such) I also research things to death (to the point where SWMBO calls me 'Mr Google') and I can honestly say I'll...
  5. BlackBear

    Thank you PIF

    I've been away from home for a while and just got back the other night and the Dorco blades were waiting for me :) Decided to have a shave with them in my Cobra the following night and thought I'd post a quick report on them. (also apologies to Keith for the lateness of the report, but I work...
  6. BlackBear

    Please identify this razor

    Looks like a very nice ball end Gillette Tech razor, the X4 date code puts it as being produced in the 4th quarter of 1952. These are mild shavers, but are excellent if paired with a nice sharp blade.
  7. BlackBear

    Voskhod's: The smooth-ness of Teflon.

    IMHO the best blades from those sample packs are the Gillette Rubies, seriously smooth and sharp, kind of like a Feather mated with an Astra and a Rubie was born.
  8. BlackBear

    Blades deteriorating quickly? Or something else?

    Like you say, Derby's are average at best - it's unlikely they are deteriorating due to humidity in the short life span of a DE blade. I'd suggest trying a different brand and see what results you get. You may be one of those unlikely guys whose whiskers only allow one shave per blade, but my...
  9. BlackBear

    Grundtal container: How did you label it?

    If you have access to a laminating machine you could try that ie, print your desired label/image and laminate the sheet (say an A4 size sheet, you could get 2 labels on that most likely) then cut to size - the added stiffness of the laminate might help secure it inside the lid too. I know it...
  10. BlackBear

    What is a logic upgrade to my Razor

    Agree with the above - the Edwin Jagger DE89 is a superb razor and flawlessly finished, also look at the Muhle R89.
  11. BlackBear

    Finding a tool for the Feather Pro blades

    Although the Cobra is a great razor and worth every cent for those that get great shaves for them, I think the 'Huntlee' razors will be stiff competition - although don't expect them to be budget razors by any means. In fact, I can't think of any razors that take the feather blades that are less...
  12. BlackBear

    Need suggestions from all the SE people

    You should look at some of the Schick Injectors, in particular the Schick adjustable - these are probably the closest to the Cobra as far as design, although perhaps not as aggressive and certainly not as wide, they are very nice to shave with. keep your eye out for the new all stainless...
  13. BlackBear

    Decapitated my Muehle R89

    I've found that a cotton bud (what you in the US call a 'Q tip' I think) is the perfect size for drying and/or applying light oil to the female threads, I just twist it in and it 'self taps' itself and then unwind it, it picks up any gunk that may be down there too.