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    AoS Ocean Kelp: Aquaman Goes to a Turkish Barber

    Its a wonderful cream and scent.
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    MdC - Original or Rose?

    The Rose is awesome. Bought it cheap too on the auction site from someone.
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    My Chubby ate my lather!

    I have so many soaps that I want hungry brushes. I haven’t bought any soaps in a year and I really want to.
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    Best soap scent ever.

    Razorock Tuscan Oud. No need for aftershave or cologne after using this soap. I can smell it on myself all day as can others.
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    Personna Platinum

    Not impressed either. They give me nicks and cuts while other blades that are regarded just as sharp by others such as Nacet and Polsilver work well.
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    Can an animal hair brush make that much of a difference?

    If I could start all over again, I'd still just use the Stirling Kong and not spend all the money that I have spent on badger brushes.
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    Name the soaps whose scents can rank as masterpieces?

    MdC rose is amazing. Also love Dead Sea from razorock.
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    What is your most efficient razor that you can share with daily?

    I can use a Gillette pre war tech to get bbs every day. Also can use an att H1 daily
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    Get woke go broke part 3: New Gillette ad shows black father teaching his trans son to shave

    As a shareholder I want them to make better products and gain market share. I don’t look for morality lectures from corporations. On another note, when my aunt thought that space aliens were communicating with her through the radio telling her to drill holes in her head, we went to get...
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    They are good blades for me. They are fairly sharp and good for 3-4 shaves.
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    Time to find out if I'm Chosen

    Do a double blind test with actual urine and see if you can reliably tell the difference. It's for science after all :001_302:
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    Shaved 17 Barbers

    Can't do that now. If one of those barbers had Hepatitis B, C, or HIV, the ones afterwards would have gotten infected.