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  1. bjmoose

    What's your Favorite Shaving soap or cream?

    I really like combining JM Frasers with either Irisch Moos or Musgo Real+ Reply to Thread
  2. bjmoose

    Abulations: Morning vs. Evening

    Used to do evenings as I didn't have to rush, but for some reason I do mornings now....
  3. bjmoose

    How many vintage DE razors do you have?

    I own a few, but find that I only use two of the bunch that give the best shave...
  4. bjmoose

    Ordered from a vendor , but have had no contact or my order shipped !!

    This was posted on B&B Shaving Canada Group on 09-30-2011: "Scott is shutting down Rasage Poulin, due to health reasons I think. Beyond the fact that most of his wares are now discounted ~20%, if you're looking to pick anything up soon, peruse his site and support a Canadian vendor (and an...
  5. bjmoose

    How Often Do You Nick Yourself While Shaving

    The last time was when I had a brain fart and forgot it was a spike point straight....
  6. bjmoose

    A Scuttle

    Don't know if this has been mentioned before, so please forgive me if I'm repeating. However, I thought I'd post a few pics of what I call my Poor Man's Scuttle - in other words, my sink. It works quite well for me, so I thought I'd share. Basically, I set my shaving mug under my tap, put in...
  7. bjmoose

    Your either with me or against me

    I like to do 4 - WTG, XTG, Diagonal XTG, and ATG. I've become addicted to BBS and I CAN"T stop faceturbating!!! HELP!!! I need a good shrink!
  8. bjmoose

    How far in advance do you choose your shaving stuff?

    Usually right before, although sometimes I pre-plan...
  9. bjmoose

    How many shave forums do you belong to?

    I couldn't help notice - are you a Heinlein fan?
  10. bjmoose

    How many shave forums do you belong to?

    I had the same problem and figured I really didn't want to join a forum that seemed a bit too paranoid. I do belong to several others - I like the variety of topics and also the BST sections. (My Doctor keeps telling me it's just a phase...)
  11. bjmoose

    Best natural soaps/creams?

    Check out http://www.greatcanadiansoap.com/product_p/shv001.htm Ingredients: Saponified olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and castor oil, goat's milk, water, cosmetic clay and either Bayberry fragrance oil, Coconut and Vanilla fragrance oils or Unscented I've been using their bar soap for a...
  12. bjmoose

    Slim users, what setting?

    This was my 2nd DE razor. I started on 4, moved to 7. Then discovered 1930's Gillette NEW OC - got better shaves from that, even after trying the slim at 9. I recently started using an Ever Ready SE Lather Catcher - I find I get BBS almost every shave...just don't lose concentration!
  13. bjmoose

    Acquisitions for October 2011

    1. Thäter 4125-0 Silvertip Brush 2. George Butler & Co. "Keen" razor 6/8 3. Ever-Ready 1912 Gold Set
  14. bjmoose

    Shaving music

    One of the most "drop-your-c**ks-and grab-your-socks" type of music I like is the live version "Boom-Boom, Out Go The Lights" by Pat Travers. Mind you, I tried shaving to it this morning with my Beau Brummel straight, and here is the result: I'm thinking some Mantovani or Zamphir...