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Recent content by Birddog

  1. Birddog

    Five Years of Wet Shaving

    Well, I will have to put my Merkur and a couple de blades in my checked bag next time I fly. And it is good to be comfortable again. When I tried to shave with the Harry razor, it was as though I was holding a pencil with a flat rock taped to the end. I started laughing because it felt so...
  2. Birddog

    Five Years of Wet Shaving

    Time goes by quickly, I began wet shaving after Christmas 2014 and I took to it with ease. I have cringed as I've read some of the not so pleasant experiences of newbies getting started out, thank God my experience was mostly great. Today I realized that it has been five years since I began...
  3. Birddog

    Stuff I don't reach for anymore PIF

    I am in! I have two Arko sticks for you, that is, if luck should go my way.
  4. Birddog

    PIF to celebrate my 1 year anniversary on B&B

    Hello, I'M IN! This is a great PIF, thank you for your generosity. My first car: 1978 Chevy Nova My dream car: 1965 Pontiac GTO, 4 speed My dream pickup: 2018 Ford SuperDuty, F250, manual trans., 4x4
  5. Birddog

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Tech / 7 'O Clock Super Platinum (2)
  6. Birddog

    What's your soap for today?

    Ozark Mountain by Stirling Soap
  7. Birddog

    Off with My Beard

    Will do.
  8. Birddog

    New guy check in

    Welcome Stephen. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Enjoy the new hobby, I'm a year and a half in and wet shaving has become second nature to me. And lately I'm wondering what I like better, actually using a DE razor or the shave soap. What shaving gear are you using? A vintage razor or modern...
  9. Birddog

    An excited newbie with a new obsession.

    Welcome, we're glad you're here.
  10. Birddog

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Merkur 1904/Feather (?)
  11. Birddog

    Off with My Beard

    Not to hi-jack my own post but I've got this '54 Tech (3 piece) and wonder what blades may work best. I have not used it in awhile, ready to try something new. Thanks.
  12. Birddog

    If you could start wet shaving all over again...

    Evidently, I was lucky and most everything worked. I started with one razor, Feather blades, one soap, and one brush. The only thing I would do differently is skip the Merkur blade.
  13. Birddog

    Off with My Beard

    Please pardon me on the goatee comment. I was wrong. After I cut mine off she says she liked me better with it, and specifically said not the full beard the goatee look. So it's all for nothing. It is nice to not have my mustache and beard get into everything I eat and drink. LOL
  14. Birddog

    PIF: Flare tip Super Speed and Blades

    This is so generous, I've never shaved with one...I'm in! Thank you!
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